A Whole 'Band of Moyers'

photo: whole group, twice

The stereo version of the 'Group of the Week.'

A World's 'First' for Your Club!

Paris:- Thursday, 7. February 2002:- The weather here is shifting towards winter but it seems to be doing this reluctantly by maintaining its temperatures within a zone of comfort and keeping rain to a minimum.

It is a little breezy today though and this could be a sign of changes to come - maybe from the direction of the Azores where the good weather comes from.

This means that last week's powerful sun is not shining on La Corona's terrace today. In the 'Grande Salle,' at least a dozen satisfied diners are finishing off their lunches, in the room's all-over and even light. It doesn't feel like winter but it feels good to be inside.

Today's first member to arrive for the meeting is Doug Fuss, but he has the grace to do this after I've entered the vital club data in the members' and the reports' booklets, and even had time to read one paragraph of Le Parisien.

He has already sent me photos of the cruise ship SS Norway which was known as the ocean liner SS France from 1960 until 1974, when it was discovered to be too much of a gas guzzler. It was moored to the 'Quai de l'Oubli' for five years.

It had its props reduced to two from four, its boilers reduced from eight to four, and its speed reduced from 32 knots to 20. Its passenger capacity was upped 500 to 2565. In its present configuration, the 76,000-ton ship gets 33 feet to a gallon of fuel, which worksphoto: ss norway, photo d fuss out a consumption of 250 tons of it per day.

The ex-France, now SS Norway, in the Caribbean. Photo by Doug Fuss©

In terms of modern cruise ships, it is still a gas guzzler. The Norway was meant to be pulled off cruising this year and converted into a gambling barge, but recent upsets in the world of travel have given it another year's worth of cruising life in the Caribbean. New low fares were a deal Doug could not pass up.

Doug does not actually have time to relate all this to me because new members are arriving pell-mell while he's telling me about it.

The first to approach the club's reserved area is Mark Skrivanich who is from San Jose, California. Since Mark is a new member this is his first time at the club, as well as his first time in Paris.

'Fine,' I say, and designate San Jose as the 'City of the Week' for the first time in the club'sphoto: full wine history. Mark, who does not work in the computer business in any way wants to know about Internet access in Paris.

Doug wrestles with this every time he comes, and suggests trying 'www.twigger.com' as a way of getting 'Webmail' no matter where the ISP is located.

The 'Drink of the Week' is wine, wine, wine.

Then Moyer number one arrives in the form of Dennis, and he echoes Doug when Mark asks how one buys an apartment in Paris. "With money," they say.

The next member to come up is Patricia Philbin. This makes a majority from the San Francisco area, which requires Dennis to name all the 'good' bars there - 'Original Joe's,' the something 'Grill' and 'Jack's.' He says all of these had great bartenders.

Suddenly there are Moyers all over the place, when Josianne - who is not a member - shows up with Dinny, who is. 'Josy' scribbles three lines in the member's booklet and changes her status to being a member of the only Paris club for readers of this magazine that has three members named Moyer.

What a stunning 'first!' Not even I could have dreamed this up. All members should be properly impressed by this because you are members of the same club.

Janet Davies, who is from Washington DC, is actually with the sisters - who grew up in Paris by the way - but is not a Moyer. This doesn't stop Dennis from inviting all the other Moyers and Janet to the Thursday musical evening at Vin des Rues.

I am not envious of this. There is so much music, dancing, eating, drinking and smoking in the place, that I'm sure nobody will notice it isphoto: band of moyers plus one full of this club's Moyers even if they start dancing, eating, drinking and smoking there tonight while I write this.

Rare photo of all three Moyers at once, with blurred Janet denying all and any responsiblity.
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