"More Cows Than People"

photo: cafe tabac le corona

For new members only - the otherwise familiar Café Corona.

Two 'Reports' For the Price of One

by Linda Thalman

Paris:- Thursday, 28. March 2002:- Just back from today's club meeting in Paris - and what a beautiful day it is! Plus the météo is forecasting five more days of sun, sun, sun.

Arriving right on time for the club, there were Kate and Kent Parsons waiting for what 'Ed-the-secretary' calls the 'server lady' - as in Web-server jockey rather than drinks server.

We got over this little confusion and I recall that the couple are from Depoe Bay, Oregon - as 'Ed' reported in last week's report. (I do read the club reports regularly!)

We happily discovered that all three of us had graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene and were all born in Oregon, thus making Oregon the 'State of the Week' because no other club meeting has ever had so many people born in Oregon at one before.

Kate and Kent had only enough of time to quiz me on my five favorite things to do in Paris - 'if I were returning after not having been to Paris for five years' - when two new members arrived.

These were Karen Delaney, from Rochester, New York, who was on her umpteenth visit to Parisphoto: decor, grande salle, corona because she loves the city enough to already be a club member since 'signing-up' last November, and totally new member Suzanne Wallington from Sydney, Australia.

Karen and Suzanne both had a 'hostel disaster' and ended up sharing a room in a hotel, rather than staying in the planned hostel with the disaster. Karen knew about the Café Metropole Club because she is a member, and brought her new-found friend Suzanne along.

The club's café includes tasteful examples of 'Art Ktisch.'

We all voted unanimously for Sydney as the 'City of the Week,' which I voted for too because I'm not the club's regular secretary.

Suzanne's five-week walk she's going to do in Spain from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela was voted the 'Walk of the Week.' That's 800 kilometers of walking! That's a more than good enough reason to be a 'something of the week!'

Suzanne is a nurse and Kate is a retired nurse, so 'Profession of the Week' has to be, yep, nurse!

Then, about 16:00, in walk two familiar faces. "Hi Linda!" And I'm red-faced for not remembering Walter and Shirley Pappas from Falls Church, Virginia, although I did recall Walter's email. Now that's an exploit as there are 10,700 subscribers on my 'Paris In Sites Newsletter' list!

Walter and Shirley are back in town. They come twice a year to France. Walter smilingly pulled out a packet of photos from their last trip in October, that he took at the club meeting. So from the photos we were able to point and say, 'That's Ric-the-Ed' to the new members. The club's secretary was in Paris today virtually, if not in body.

We imbibed some lemonades, beers, wine and Kir Royales - but not all at once and not everyonephoto: corona bar had one of each. Patrick the 'Waiter of the Week' took care of us all with his usual grace and attentiveness.

Photos were taken inside the café's 'grande salle' with my non-digital camera, so here's hoping they'll turn out. But nothing could capture the gorgeous blue sky and 15 degree temperatures outside La Corona's windows.

Our otherwise 'soft' café has a stainless bar top, fronted by real, hard, marble.
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