Number 7.35:- Monday, 26. Aug 2OO2

Update: "Don't Forget Napoléon!" - The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 29. August photo: morris, baron, theatre tristan bernard

Café Metropole - 'KultTour' Arrives In Paris - So Does Unmentionable Weather

Au Bistro - Some Non-News of the Week - Is Better than None at All

Update: "You Need To Speak Antarctican!" - The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 22. August

Repeat Scene - Summer Is Not Over - Even With a 'Closed' Beach

Repeat Scene 2 - Coming Ultra Soon -
In September, October

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - "Staying Long?"

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