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After the tour's sparkle, the 'after' cafés were assaulted.

Server-Lady Meets Horse

by Ric Erickson

Paris:- Monday, 23. June 2003:- According to today's Le Parisien, the temperature climbed to 40.3 degrees yesterday in Gourdon, in the Lot départment in central France. North of the Loire temperatures were not above Saturday's highs, due to high clouds. All the same, the high in Paris yesterday was 31 degrees - or 84 or 85 on the 'F' scale.

Thus, without a lot of elaboration, I can say that now summer quarter of the year is officially here, real summer is here too and has been here for some time.

Last Thursday it looked as if it was going to be 'Hawaiian-shirt' weather, but it turned out to be less brilliant. Most mornings had high cloud cover, and if it lessened it did not do it until late afternoon.

Temperatures have stayed above 25 pretty steadily. Three degrees more have been forecast for tomorrow, 27 for Wednesday, and only 24 for Thursday, when lower clouds are forecast to hide the bright skies for a while.

This morning's Le Parisien advances all of this by a day, but my guess is that tonight's TV-weather news forecast nullifies the paper's prediction.

The big question is - now that summer is officially here, will summer weather continue into its proper season? Past summers have followed rotten springs with continued rotten spring weather, so Parisians are hoping that the pattern will remain intact, with summer following a summer-like spring.

Café Life

Have You Met Matthew Rose?

Matthew, who I call Matt for short, is a red-haired daguerreotypista who isn't actually around much because he is a very busy starving artist without much time for Café Life. Like me, I guess he hasn't much money for it either.

I think Matt has been mentioned here before, when he had a one-man show about his illustrated life of failurephoto: collage by m rose with about 38 girlfriends. I think we, the other daguerreotypistas, took it literally and thought he would have been much better off without some of them.

While we are sitting around in cafés Matt is getting things done. He is good at this because he has an old scooter. Besides being an artist with a scooter, Matt also writes. For Art - the Magazine, he writes about Paris. His latest piece is titled 'What are You Wearing?

Collage by Matthew Rose will appear in exhibition at the Mona Bismarck Foundation. © M Rose

After some general comments, he writes a lot about the photographer James Startt, who I think also has photographs in the exhibition mentioned below. I asked Matt to get me an invitation to the opening, mostly because Dennis told me Matt's new collages are better than his old girlfriends.

I was in the café Rendez-Vous yesterday and Matt came in and ordered a tiny café. When it came, he checked to make sure it was full. If they are, they are watery - so his was okay because it wasn't full, but I could see he wasn't pleased about it.

Because I still can't get a lead on the garbage-room door key, so I can't invite the cable-Internet installer to come and give me broadband, I asked Matt what his was like. He said, after having it for four years, that the company claims too many people in our quartier use it too much, so it is kind of erratic.

I am grateful for this information. Getting ADSL instead may solve my whole installation problem, and it might do this in the near future instead of when I obtain a key from some letterbox in Panama. Next time I see Matt, I should buy him a big little café for the advice.

Also see Matt's collages at the exhibition 'Pour l'Amour des Chiens,' along with other important paintings, photographs, sculpture and installations. From Wednesday, 2. July to Saturday, 30. August. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 18:15. At the Mona Bismarck Foundation, 34. Avenue de New York, Paris 16. Métro: Iéna or Alma-Marceau. InfoTel.: 01 47 23 38 38.

Even I Haven't Met Bob Patterson

But he writes from Los Angeles every year or so, just about whenever he gets a feeling that he should be here instead of there. I'm sure this is why he wrote to me yesterday.

Bob wrote, "We haven't plugged your site for a few weeks because of your ties to Jackphoto: sidewalk Sherrack - or however he spells it. And because my editor thinks if I do it again that means I'm trying to suck up to you to get a job on your site.

"The heck with my editor - this is a plug for your site in this week's column in Delusions of Adequacy Online.

Splashes of sunlight under Paris' street trees.

"I recently spoke with Sparkle Hayter and that brought up 'Kilometer Zero' in Paris which you might like because maybe you could do a good feature article about it or them.

"Also You might like to be aware of Ms. Hayter's books. Most of them are set in New York, but one is set in Paris. She seems to spend some time in Paris and was able to answer my questions about the health of the owner of Shakespeare and Co. book store. She might make a good feature story during the 'dog days.'"

Bob - the self-described 'world's laziest journalist' - was good enough to point out in his column that Metropole having its own wine instead of sleazy T-shirts, is a bit of impressive self-'trompe,' even by Internet standards.

You might think the connection feeble, but it reminded me that I have been getting emails announcing events from Kilometre Zero. An email produced a reply from Quinn Comendant, inviting me to ask any questions I want.

But I first glanced at the Web site. It seems to explain itself and it is worth a look and read. It may be just the cup of café you were looking for.

Be Kind to the Server-Lady Week

On Saturday Linda Thalman was driving back to the Cadillac Ranch, aided by a half-asleep co-pilot, with a carload of garden goodies, when a horse ran into her car.

This is an extremely rare occurrence in Paris despite all the zoos and circuses around, but out on the high plains of Essonne, fairly close to the Cadillac Ranch - livestock: two cats - there is a horsey place and if you are out there you drive past it all the time, unless you want to go by way of Chevreuse-sur-Chevreuse.

The horse was not apparently injured, but Linda's little Fiat did not escape unscathed. It's bumperphoto: bike shop was scratched a bit, and it was lucky the pint-sized car had one, because Linda said, "The hulking great thing was coming in the windshield!"

Leaving it a bit late to get a bike right now.

The horsey place people came out and recovered their dazed steed and a passing fireman - a sapeur- pompier - kicked the Fiat's fenders off the front wheels enough so Linda could motor the rest of the way, about 750 metres, to the ranch.

When she got there, she turned into a rubber person for 48 hours, and only managed to dial a phone and tell me about it today. Therefore, if you intend to have dealings with the server-lady this week, why not put it off until next?

'About' Café Metropoleô Blanc de Blanc

Allan Pangborn, the maker of the Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine wrote to say that it can now be ordered online through the Moonlight Web site. It is really real, really.

Now that online ordering is possible, you will also be able to read the latest news about the wine on the Moonlight site. On this end I've added an 'About Metropole's Wine' page that will tell a short version of the story, plus have a link identical to the URL above so that you can place orders easily - which I hope you will do.

Every bottle sold will clear out the space Allan needs for the next batch. He sent me a photo of a boxcar load of new empty bottles, so this appeal is not without foundation.

Café Metropole Club 'Reports'

Click this link slightly lightly to get last week's 'Elvis Costello is Not a Club Member, Yet' club meeting report, one with four pages of 'report' notes, all nonsense.

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 26. June. The Saint's Day of the Week will be Saint-Anthelme. This is another one on the calendar but with nothing in my saints-book. But, bingo again! He is listed under his non-saint's name, which is Anthelme. He was the Bishop of Belley, but he was born in Chignin in 1107. Famous places, I guess, once upon a time.

Only a couple of slight details concerning the club can be found handily grouped on the self-contained 'About the Club' page, because there aren't more than a couple. The virtual membership card on this page is still free though.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago

Issue 7.26 - 24. June 2002 - The issue's Café Metropole column was titled, 'Summer Is Officially Here.' The tiny, capsule 'Au Bistro' column was 'José Bové Goes To Jail, Slowly.' A year later it really happens. The feature of the week was titled 'The Reds' Last Stand - On the Butte-aux-Cailles?' The Café Metropole Club photo: sign, quai du louvre update for this issue on 27. June had a kind of "It's a Virtual-Reality Club," report. Since it was summer, the Scene column's title was 'Eté - More, Better, Summer.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' as usual and Ric's Cartoon was captioned, 'Adventures In the Jardin des Plantes.'

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago

Issue 6.26 - 25. June 2001 - This issue started with the Café Metropole column's 'Say 'Hello' To Summer,' followed by the 'Au Bistro' column with 'Heaven for Buses?' A single, half feature, was titled 'In Part of the Rue Saint-Jacques.' The update for the Café Metropole Club meeting on 28. June featured the exciting 'Nothing of the Week' report. The Scene column's contents were ahead of themselves, with 'Beginning 2001's 2nd Half.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's 'Cartoon of the Week' was captioned 'Paris Cars On Hols.' This issue had a 'Photo Page' titled 'The Longest Day.'

'Mardi Noir' Suspended Until Fall

This will be disappointing news to all those intending to visit Paris for its vibrant and exciting 'street life,' butphoto: rue daguerre, 20 june the government has found that it is impossible to convince postal workers, teachers and métro drivers to continue their colorful parades throughout the summer.

Trying to capture the longest shadows didn't work this year.

It is not entirely certain that the manifestations of disagreement with government policies will be exactly the same in the fall, but it is possible that demonstrators may feel they have left some unfinished spring business behind. Just remember this - no matter how much something may seem to change, it nearly always stays the same.

For Determined Countdown Fans

For openers, no 'count-down' is planned in this corner for Johnny Hallyday's rapidly receding 50th birthday, as much as I wouldn't mind becoming infamous for conducting the longest silly count-down in the history of the world - by beating Metropole's own record-breaking 'count-down' to the year 2000.

With absolutely no minimum fanfare, the number of days left this year is 191. This may not make it seem like an overly long time since 1993, but who knows for certain? Otherwise it is nearly no time at all until fall, which is 'officially' only a quarter-year from last Saturday.
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