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Anyway, as far as Maine goes, Jan and Dana Shaw have a much better place than where they stay in Paris, and the view towards Portugal surpasses many views of this splendid country that you can get in Paris too. The Shaws have fish and seagulls for their frontyard neighbors.

Did I say it was a clear day and very warm? All days until then were, even if warm exceeded itself sometimes. Sitting on the Shaw's front lawn was very relaxing, but shortlived, because we had a date in Portsmouth for fish and chips.

Let me explain something. When I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich 'with chips,' I did notphoto: maine diner get 'frites.' I got what are called 'potato crisps' in the UK or Ireland. But if you are in the United States and you see 'fish and chips' on a menu, you will likely get 'frites' instead of 'chips.' Conversely if you are in the UK or Ireland and you see 'fish and chips' on a menu, you will likely get 'fish and chips' if you order some. 'Crisps' you have to ask for special.

Next time I'll try the Maine Diner's fish-and-chips.

Anyway, the fish and chips were better than so-so but not quite as good as they might have been. Maybe fish are out of season. Paper plates, plastic cutlery and huge garbage cans kind of took the toney edge off the evening, which was otherwise spent in a cafe on a wharf in a little harbor with the sun sinking gracefully in the west, signalling the night-time attacks by squadrons of bugs.

All in all, my impression of the little bit of New England coast I saw during my 72-hour fact-finding tour, is that it is no worse than the Costa de Sol or the tour-package part of Palma de Majorca, with a couple of important differences.

The first thing I noticed in New England is that there is, in general, no parking available. There are autoroute rest-stops on I-93-North where free parking spots can be found, which is unlike Majorca where there is no place to park anywhere, and is the reason for small cars.

Unlike the Bronx or Majorca, Spanish is not a language commonly used in New England. Asking for a 'tostada de queso' will get you nothing, not even curious stares. Also, there is no espresso café and I am even having difficulty finding any granizada in Queens.

Monsoon-like rain is another matter. Tonight's forecast batch was called off on account of baseball.

Yes. The production of this report has overshot Monday's notional deadline by - more than a whole day now. The reasons for this are not important - but I apologise all the same.

All the folks in New England who were kind enough to share their time to enhance my fact-finding mission are thanked from the bottom of my heart even if their names are being spared on account of my not being able to face copying the facts out of the brochures I picked up along the byways of lobsterland.

One final, upbeat note - we did find and park in the only free parking spot available since 1993 in the center of downtown Perkins Cove, Maine. Right on the waterfront, beside the pedestrian drawbridge. A 'souvenir' better than any postcard!

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