Number 8.45:- Monday, 3. Nov 2OO3

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photo: morris, film, souviens toi de moi, dir gabriele muccinoUpdate:- The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 6. November - 'Cappuccino of the Week'

Café Metropole - How To Not Dine Out - No Subscriptions for Metropole

Au Bistro - News Item - Holiday Speed Radar Nabs 4400 in France

Readers Like You - Can Support Metropole

"Probably Next Week" - Paris Life No. 23, by Laurel Avery

The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 30. October - "It's Been 103 Weeks"

Scène - Two Picassos - For the Price of Two

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - "'Treat' is Over but Ticket Isn't?"

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