Number 8.48/49:- Monday, 1. Dec 2OO3

horz line

Update:- The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 4. December - 'A 'First' Doubled'

photo: morris, film, pas sur la bouche, dir alain resnais

Café Metropole - The Best Baguette - Sorry for the Inconvenience

Apartment Hunting Zen - Paris Life No. 27, by Laurel Avery

Looking for Lodging? - Find It Here

Readers Like You - Can Support Metropole

Café Metropole - 'Under Construction' - Holy Buffalo Grass!

Café Life - Chinatown - The Revolt of the 'Tabacs'

The Gilded City - Paris Life No. 26, by Laurel Avery

The Club 'Report' for Thursday, 27. November - 'Reunion(s)'

Repeat Scène - Noël in Paris 2003 - Twinkles in the City of Lights

Repeat Scène - Two Picassos - For the Price of Two

Last Week's Paris Posters I

Last Week's Paris Posters II

This Week's Paris Posters III

Ric's Cartoon - "Under Eternal Construction"

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