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Paris is somewhat of a poor relation when it comes to Easter egg hunts. The only two locations mentioned were Bercy Villagephoto: cafe la rotonde and the Parc de Belleville. TV–news showed kids receiving Easter eggs in return for doing puzzles, rather than for finding hidden ones. In France, there are lessons to be learned for everything – but 'discovery' isn't one of them.

More Easter in Montparnasse on Sunday.

Other Ile–de–France departments had Easter egg contests too, with a reported 200 villages in Seine–et– Marne taking part in handing out 400,000 chocolate eggs as prizes. For the first time Disney Village mounted an Easter egg operation, but it wasn't as free as the neighboring municipal efforts.

The Second Monthly Repeat of Plugs in April

Tip this link to a recent issue's 'Café' page, where the usual plugs encouraging 'support for this magazine' and its 'Lodging' page are quietly waiting for you to visit them. The commercial page for Metropole's 'Partners' needs an occasional re–read too.

The Most Recent Café Metropole Club 'Report'

Keep up to date with your club by taking look at the last meeting's version of the 'Members 'On Location' report. The 'location' in questionphoto: sign, rue des chartreux wasn't the club itself, but movies being filmed 'on location' around Paris.

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club is on Thursday, 15. April. The Saint's Day of the Week will be Saint–Paterne. Each week I look at the calendar and then I look in the saint's book, and week after week the saint of the club day isn't in it. However, Saint–Paterne is a town in the Sarthe – or it was, in 1967, when the saint's book was printed.

Some minor but important details about the club can be found on the 'About the Club' page. The virtual club membership card on this page is as free as standard air and valid for your whole lifetime, everywhere in the world.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago

Issue 8.16 – 14. April 2003 – the Café Metropole column's headline was 'How Much of This is True?' This was followed by the brief 'Au Bistro' column in only 2 words, 'France Wins!' The week's feature was titled 'Scenes of the Crimes – Désolation des Filles de Joie.' there was a Wine News update, titled '90 Minutes of Pouring.' The Scène column was repeated. The Café Metropole Club update for 17. April was titled as the 'Mark Kritz' Firstphoto: sign, rue de la monnaie 'First' report. There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's cartoon of the week was captioned 'Passive Hustling.'

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago

Issue 7.16 – 15. April 2002 – this week's Café Metropole column's was titled the 'Weather News Is All There Is.' The 'Au Bistro' column was headlined 'Before You Know It the Elections Will Be Over.' The Café Metropole Club update on 18. April was titled the 'New First Extinct Volcano' report. There were four wonderful 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's cartoon Caption of the Week was, 'Out of Gas?'

Countdowns – Are Back!

It seems to me that since the 'old' countdowns last ran, several new ones have been suggested. Luckily I have mislaid them all, except one from Jim Auman. He wrote to remind us all that the Père Lachaise cemetery is having the 200th anniversary of its opening, on Friday, 21. May. This is 40 days from now.

Sadly, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Frédéric– August Bartholdi, the designer of the Stature of Liberty. His death occurred on Tuesday, 4. October. This anniversary is 176 days from now.

For a major literary dude, we can also be 'counting–down' to the 150th anniversary of the birthdate of Jean–Nicolas–Arthur Rimbaud, which is on Wednesday, 20. October, 192 days from now.

An even bigger literary razzle–dazzle will be made this year for George Sand, who was born 200 years ago on Sunday, 1. July 1804. This year will officially be the 'Année George Sand' all year long. The anniversary is 78 days from today.

The date of the Normandy landings in WWII was on Tuesday, 6. June 1944. The 60th anniversary of this fateful day for 2,846,439 allied liberators is 56 days from now, on a Sunday this year.

Another WWII event 60 years ago to note is the Liberation of Paris. Its official date is Friday, 25. August 1944, which will be celebrated 133 days from today. The 'Liberation' started on Tuesday, 15. August, with a strike – by the Métro and the police – followed by more strikes until the shooting was over. Some sporadic strikes still continue.

Some Olympic Fans may be out of their heads with joy to learn that the Olympic flame will be hustledposter: vdep, salon de la maquette through Paris by a series of torch–bearers on Friday, 25 June – as part of its journey back to Athens for the summer Olympics – which are called 'JO' here. This is only 75 days from today.

After getting hired flunkies to vote in favor of inventing the title of 'Emperor' for Napoleon on 3. May 1804, the Senat passed the measure without quibbling. A plebiscite was held and 2569 reckless souls voted against it. The results were only announced six days before the coronation that took place on Sunday, 2. December.

Part of the official record is David's painting of it. But slighted by getting only two entry tickets for the ceremony, the artist depicted Napoleon crowning Josephine instead of himself. David also added his own inlaws who were not there because they were uninvited, and Napoleon's mom, who was sulking in Italy at the time. The 200th anniversary of this dubious event is 235 days from now.

Beyond the End of December, 2004 Won't Last

If this year will be worth remembering is still questionable. The most we can do is hope it isn't. As of today there are about 263 days left in this year. In Paris nothing is getting any younger by the day, just as it has been not doing so every day for over 2052 years – which amounts to, very roughly, about 749,014 days.

'Ric's Day Off' last week was put to good use by not taking it 'off.' However, no real good came from this at all, so I promise not to do it again.
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