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Dead of Summer

photo: oasis, ile st louis

The Oasis on the Ile Saint–Louis.

And Minor Rumors

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 26. July 2004:– It has been kind of cool today but it took me a while to realize it. Up until last night we had summer temperatures that I had kind of gotten used to, even if the bugs that started flying around seemed to come from giant bugland. There was one about the size of a thimble with aluminum wings, cruising between my nose and photos of Paris Plage.

I hope it froze to death. This morning I went out shopping without thinking about it but when I saw a pharmacy thermometre signalling 19 degrees I got a chill and ran home and put on more clothes. Normally, putting on more clothes in July gives me the horrors, but today was an emergency.

You probably missed it anyway. Tomorrow is supposed to start off pretty cloudy but by afternoon it may becomephoto: hammocks, paris plage less so. There is some muck hanging over the Channel, I think, and it's supposed to retreat. Maybe it'll rain a bit first, but I don't think it's the beginning of any passing waves. In the afternoon the temperature is forecast to rise to 25 degrees too.

Wednesday is probably worth waiting for. The TV–weather news map tonight showed France covered with one giant sunball. Just some little clouds around the fringes where nobody serious will be. The predicted high will be 27 degrees.

Lying around the beach.

Thursday might be the 'Day of the Week,' because the forecast didn't include Friday. The TV map showed an even bigger sunball, meant to splash over all France. The guy who does the weather thought it needed so little explanation that he stood in front of the predicted temperature – so you'll have to be satisfied with my best guess. Will you accept 28 or 29 for Thursday?

Café Life

Dead Summer

Since the final lap of the Tour de France yesterday, the country is now in the depth of dead summer. Actually, it was only this afternoon that the prime minister had a meeting for his ministers, to tell them they could go on holidays. Two, or one, of the ministers declined to hit the vacation trail. If this is the 'News of the Day,' then you know it is dead summer.

Only the minister of health stayed on the job. The government wants no nasty surprises like last year when a lot of forgotten people dried out in the heat and didn't last until September. Right now a lot of other people are sitting around staring at their brand–new air conditioning units, wishing they'd bought wide–screen TVs instead.

Meanwhile, all the newspapers and TV–news services are desperately searching for some hard news. Luckily, the Democratic Convention in Boston started today, and this will fill out a bit of airtime. French TV fans like nothing better than circuses made–in–America, even if they don't understand them.

We had the story about wine professionals trying to get wine reclassified as 'food.' As it is, with wine simply being booze, they are not allowed to advertise it with dubious 'low fat' claims like portable telephones.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Jose Bove and his band of merry pranksters were out in a field of doped corn tearing it down. Thephoto: evening pool, paris plage squads of gendarmes standing by snapped lots of illegal photos without asking anyone's permission, but did not bother protecting the private property. Exactly who was breaking which laws was unclear.

This year's new pool is open during the day.

Several hands of the World Poker Championships were played last weekend at the Aviation Club on the Champs–Elysées. Some of the other poker dudes were playing some final hands last Tuesday morning at 8:10 when the game was hijacked by two gun–toting masked bandits.

They got everybody to lie on the floor and scooped up 76,000€ in cash and exited. There was a little hiccup when the bandit with the keys for the getaway scooter couldn't find them. So they held up a passing delivery truck and made their escape with the cash, bopping a taxi driver on the head on the way.

Onetime championship winner, French singer Patrick Bruel was eliminated early, and he looked a bit unhappy about it on TV–news last Monday night. Police think the extensive TV coverage about the big pot of 679,000€ might have given some wiseguys ideas. The police found the delivery truck in Saint–Denis, but the holdup artists are still missing.

Then Paris Plage opened on Wednesday, and this gave the papers excuses to write a lot of stories about hanging out at the beach, in Paris, as well as everywhere else around France.

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Avid seekers of Saturday night ice cream.

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Singin' In Paris!
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