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Partial 'Group of the Week' – from left, Nancy, Macey,
Doug and Kate.

Is 'City of the Week'

Paris:– Thursday, 21. October 2004:– Club members were pretty excited today, describing the effects of the rain storm yesterday at 18:00. There suddenly was lightning, thunder, and rain coming down in buckets from all directions. It's what we get for having a day with a high of 22 degrees.

It hasn't been all that cold today either, and it was pretty sunny most times too. About the same is expected for tomorrow, and with a high of 20 degrees it will be comfortable for October.

All the same there will be winds batting around. The TV–news placed these in coastal areas, mostlyphoto, menu, window, mirror coming from the south and blowing towards Britain. If they drift a bit east then the skies here will be doing more.

More is definitely forecast for Saturday. The gray clouds come from the west, the winds pick up and switch to 70 kph southwesterlies, and rain is expected for Paris. A high of 20 degrees is again predicted.

The 'arty–type photo of the week.'

On Sunday the same wind is supposed to be blowing, and the beginning of mucky gray will be drifting this way. If it's slow in arriving, it may be fairly bright and will be helped with an unseasonal high forecast to be 22 degrees. In sum, it will be pretty soft weather 'for the time of year.'

A 'Once in Fall' Club Report this Week

This afternoon the sky is bright blue with fluffy white clouds for contrast. The problem here is leaves changing color under gray skies, so bright days are prized for seeing the colors. In fact, the colors aren't far along, and bright skies aren't guaranteed.

There are a few trees in the cemetery with colorful leaves. By the time I get to them the sun is playing hide–and–seek with the clouds. Waiting three minutes for the sun to show is almost worth it. It isn't as bright as I thought.

Most leaves on trees are still green. Or, they are gray–green as they became at the beginningphoto, macey smith of August, and they haven't changed much. The cemetery looks a bit beat up after last night's rainstorm, with clots of leaves all over.

I forsake the Métro and walk through Montparnasse, the Luxembourg and the Quartier Latin. It isn't possible to do this and stay dry every day in October. But I do it for the heck of it.

Macey has 'a parade named after her.'

At the club's café La Corona there are loungers on the terrace and there are 15 or 20 civilians in the café's 'grande salle' when I arrive. It's not bad for an 'off' season.

The first to arrive is new member Macey B. Smith from Clearwater, Florida. Macey, who has been in France since September, says she knows all about the club and then asks for details.

About pronouncing her name she says, "There is a parade named after me!" Before Macey moved to Florida she lived in the Chicago area. About yesterday's bit of rain, Macey says she was in Père–Lachaise cemetery, and was seriously thinking of jumping into a tomb for shelter.

Member Doug Fuss arrives next, this time from a month in sunny Jordan. He says all the hurricanes took a loop around Savannah, where he normally lives.

Macey says, "I could bear it if my condo blew away to Honduras." I wonder if this means she would prefer to have a condo in Honduras, but I forget to ask.

Member Nancy Macklin comes up to join us next. Before sitting down she says, "I brought the gorgeous weather from Illinois." She brought it from Belleville, Illinois exactly.

Doug says that yesterday's rain was over his boot tops. But this is drowned out by Macey and Nancy, who have discovered that they were almost neighbors. The song they have in common is 'Big Noise from Winnetka.'

Aha! This is Macey's home town so it becomes the club's 'City of the Week.' Macey says the song had no lyrics, just whistling as accompaniment. Macey whistles the tune but Nancy and Doug cannot put a name to the band's name. "Somebody Bob," Nancy thinks,photo, fizzy water but "Not Bob Crosby."

Everybody thinks 'Bob,' 'Bob,' 'Bob.' Macey whistles some more.

Doug says, "When I think of it you can remember it. Bob something."

The club's 'fizzy water of the week.'

Nancy remembers something related. "Hello, this is Duffy's Tavern. This is Archie speaking."

About Savannah, Doug says, "You gotta live somewhere."

Member Kate Ernst arrives and takes a place at the club's set of tables. Macey remarks about the difference between visiting Paris for a week and staying for months.

"You get to buy phone cards, buy a carnet for the Métro, learn to run a washing machine, even have a regular tabac for a hang–out..."

Nancy comes often enough to agree. When she has visitors meet her here, "I don't want to go to the Louvre for the 12th time," she says. "The first trip should never be the last."

Macey says, still thinking about 'Bob something,' "I've found Chopin, and Edith Piaf..." which reminds Nancy that she has a friend who likes Berlioz so much that, "She sang as his grave."

As if the club has one foot in the grave, Kate says, "I think about coming more often than I actually come."

Mishearing, Nancy asks, "Who was a great whistler?

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