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Brésil, Brazil

photo, bicyclist, place de l'opera

Place de l'Opéra, Saturday.

Coming and 'Last Chances'

Paris:– Saturday, 2. April 2005:– Here we go again, a whole extra page for some of what's coming and for what I can catch that's going.

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poster, saltimbanco, cirque soleilBrésil, Brésils – this is Brazil's 'Year in France' so it is not one show but a whole country's culture that is on view and in the air here and there, now and then, all over. Watch for 'Raízes do Brazil' which should be on now, for 'Verdade tropical' this summer and 'Galáxias' in the fall. For more info, check the Brésil, Brésils web site. InfoTel.: 01 53 69 83 69.

Military Patrimony – this is a history of the military in Paris and its relationship with Parisians, from royal units to revolutionary. To Begin on Thursday, 7. April and continue until Tuesday, 7. May. From Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 19:00. Closed 18 and 19. April, and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Wednesday, 27. April. In the Salle des Prévôts and Salon des Tapisseries, in the Hôtel de Ville. Enter by the front door, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville. Paris 4. Métro: Hôtel de Ville. Free entry.

The Essential Fassbinder – is a selection of films from a large production, being shown from Wednesday, 13. April until Monday, 6. June. Hours from 11:00 to 21:00 daily except on Tuesdays, and on Thursdays until 23:00. At the BPI cinema in the Centre Georges Pompidou, 19. Rue Beaubourg, Paris 4. Métro: Rambuteau. InfoTel.: 01 44 78 12 33.<</P>

Objectif Paris – from five Parisian collections, images of the city. Beginning Sunday, 10. April andposter, waiting for, godot, in sign language continuing until Sunday, 19. June. Except Mondays, open from 11:30 to 18:30. At the Pavillon des Arts, Porte Rambuteau, Terrace Lautréamont, 101. Rue Rambuteau, Paris 1. Métro: Châtelet–Les Halles. InfoTel.: 01 42 33 82 50.

Light In the Night – is this year's new 'La nuit des musées' event. At sundown on Thursday, 14. April all museums offer free entry and will be staying open until 01:00. This will be like a démi 'Nuit Blanche,' with culture. InfoTel.: 01 40 15 36 00.

Amazonia, Brazil – is a visit to the Amazon's rain forest right here, possibly without mosquitos. From Tuesday, 19. April until 28. August. Except Monday, open daily from 9:30 to 18:00, on Sundays and some holidays from 10:00 to 19:00. At theposter, jazz brunchPalais de la Découverte, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, Paris 8. Métro: Franklin D. Roosevelt or Champs–Elysées–Clemenceau. InfoTel.: 01 56 43 20 21.

French Masterworks – from German collections of 17th and 18th century works, featuring Poussin, Le Lorrain, Watteau, David. To begin on Wednesday, 20. April, until Monday, 1. August. Open 10:00 to 20:00, and until 22:00 on Wednesdays. Closed Tuesdays. At the Grand Palais, 3. Avenue du Général Eisenhower, Square Jean Perrin entry, Paris 8. Métro: Champs–Elysées–Clemenceau. InfoTel.: 01 44 13 17 17.

Robert Mallet–Stevens, Architect, 1889–1945 – an exhibition presenting works in Paris and from the five corners of France, plus projects still on the drawing board. Beginning on Wednesday, 27. April, to 29. August. From 11:00 to 21:00 daily except on Tuesdays, and on Thursdays until 23:00. At the Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris 4. Métro: Rambuteau. InfoTel.: 01 44 78 12 33.

Du Refuge au Piège – presents the history of the Jewish quarter Saint–Gervais in the Marais, from the Medieval era to the close of WWII. To begin Thursday, 28. April and continue until Saturday, 30. July. Except on Sundays, from 10:00 to 19:00. In the Salon d'Acceuil of the Hôtel de Ville, 29. Rue de Rivoli, Paris 4. Métro: Hôtel de Ville. InfoTel.: 01 42 76 49 61. Free entry.

Flash Festival – with Shockwave, get ready for awe and amazement unless you are into this yourself. On two days only, Saturday and Sunday, 28 and 29. May. Open from 11:00 to 21:00 daily exceptposter, bird, third reich, thtr opprime on Tuesdays, and on Thursdays until 23:00. At the Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris 4. Métro: Rambuteau. InfoTel.: 01 48 24 96 45.

Salon des Artistes Indépendants – the 116th edition of this salon celebrates the 50th anniversary of the death of Maurice Utrillo. On hand expect to find 800 artists, some from 26 other countries. Beginning on Friday, 22. April, until Sunday, 1. May. Open daily from 11:30 to 19:30, and until 22:00 on Thursday. At the Espace Champeret, near the Périfreak, Paris 17. Métro: Porte de Champeret. InfoTel.: 01 45 63 39 15.

The Drink, the Food and Other Antique Pleasures – is an exhibition about the good life in old Lutèce, when the Romans met the Gauls. To begin on Wednesday, 11. May and continue until 15. January, but closed from 31. October to 29. November. Except Mondays, open from 10:00 to 18:00. At the Crypte Archéologique, 1. Place du Parvis de Notre–Dame, Paris 4. Métro: Cité. InfoTel.: 01 55 42 50 10.

Africa Remix – for the first time, a comprehensive exhibition of contemporaryposter, musee arts deco art from all of Africa, featuring a hundred artists in all their variety. Beginning Wednesday, 25. May and continuing until 15. August. In tandem, also see the works of Isaac Julien. Except Tuesday, from 11:00 to 21:00 daily, and on Thursdays until 23:00. At the Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris 4. Métro: Rambuteau. InfoTel.: 01 44 78 12 33.

Montparnasse Déporté, Artistes d'Europe – features 150 works by artists connected to Montparnasse, and deported between 1941 and 1945. Includes Soutine, Epstein, Max Jacob and Robert Desnos. To begin Wednesday, 11. May and continue until 2. October. Except Monday,open daily from 12:30 to 19:00. At the Musée du Montparnasse, 21. Avenue du Maine, Paris 15. Métro: Montparnasse or Falguière. InfoTel.: 01 42 22 91 00.

L'Homme et Ses Masques – features historic masks from the Barbier–Muller collection, and once owned by artists Derain, Vlaminck or Tzara. From Tuesday, 24. May until 28. August. Daily from 10:00 to 18:00. At the Musée Jacquemart – Andre, 158. Boulevard Haussmann, Paris 8. Métro: Miromesnil. InfoTel.: 01 45 62 11 59.

Rendez–Vous France, Paris – and, not least, the Ile–de–France. A big salon, showing all that France has to offer for your holidays. On Friday and Saturday, 8 and 9. April. Check the Web site for the Maison de la France for more info, and InfoTel.: 01 42 96 70 00.

Salon de Maquette – and Games. Oodles of little things, flying, floating, andposter, akoustik session on rails, plus board games galore. The salon takes place this year from Saturday, 23. April until Sunday, 1. May, at Paris–Expo. Métro: Porte de Versailles. Web site is for more info, and InfoTel.: 01 49 09 60 82.

Foire de Paris – is Paris' annual jumbo home show, including its amazing inventors' exhibit, the Concours Lépine. This should never be missed even if it's clogged to the rafters, which it usually is at lunchtime. Beginning on Thursday, 12. May, until Sunday, 22. May. Open hours are usually 10:00 to 19:00. At Paris–Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris 15. Métro: Porte de Versailles. InfoTel.: 01 49 09 60 00.

Airshow at Bourget – for airfans, even if you can't afford to buy your own jet fighter or an Airbus A380. This year from Monday, 13 June until Sunday, 19. June. Web site is called Air Show for more info, and InfoTel.: 01 53 23 33 33.

Paris Insurgé, Paris Libéré – is an exhibition featuring many items concerning the Libération never displayed before. Continues until Sunday,10. April. Open daily except Mondays, from 10:00 to 17:40. At the 'Mémorial du Maréchal Leclerc Hauteclocque et de la Libération de Paris–Musée Jean Moulin,' Jardin Atlantique, above the Gare Montparnasse. Paris 15. Métro: Montparnasse or Gaîté. InfoTel.: 01 40 64 39 44.

Trésors de Ferveur – beginning in the 17th century nuns began creating elaborate papers for decorating shrines. Largely ignored, these rare treasures are on viewposter, college irlandais in this exhibition. This continues until Saturday, 16. April. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 13:20 to 20:00. At the Bibliothèque Forney, Hôtel de Sens,1. Rue Figuier, Paris 4. Métro: Pont–Marie InfoTel.:01 42 78 14 60.

Stagecoaches and Robbers – from the times of the Louis,' the old days of the Poste in France, as told in stamps and other objects. For stamp fans until Saturday, 16. April. From 10:00 to 18:00, except Sundays and holidays. At the Musée de la Poste, 34. Boulevard de Vaugirard, Paris 15. Métro: Montparnasse. InfoTel.: 01 42 79 24 24.

Mario Giacomelli, Photographer – the néo–réalist of the 20th century, in the photographer's unmistakable style. This continues until Sunday, 24. April. Except Monday, from 10:00 to 19:00, and from 12:00 to 19:00 on Sunday. At the Richelieu branch of the Bibliothèque Nationale, 58. Rue de Richelieu, Paris 2. Métro: Bourse. InfoTel.: 01 53 79 59 59.

Catacombes – are closed for renovations until the sometime in the late spring. Catacombes de Paris, 1. Place Denfert Rochereau, Paris 14. Métro: Denfert–Rochereau InfoTel.: 01 43 22 47 63.

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