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The 'Group of the Week,' Ed, Kim, Josef and Willy.

Two Willys 'First'

Paris:– Thursday, 4. August 2005:– We have been having more unseasonable summer weather that is like summer weather and it's getting a bit worrying because if we get used to it we'll never be able to put up with normal weather, or the exceptional weather usually worse than normal.

Look, rather than trying to explain this, let me say that tonight's TV–weather news confused me. I started out thinking tomorrow's weather would be okay except for some clouds out west in the morning, and then the clouds would spread east, and then there are these black clouds, dripping, and I write, 'clouds, afternoon?'

For Saturday I've written 'partly cloudy' with some confidence and high of 23 degrees. Yeah, it was a high of 25 degrees for Friday I remember now. It could happen I guess.

Then I've got Sunday down as 'mostly sunny' with no temperature change. Maybe it's because I'd prefer a sunny Sunday if it's going to be that cool. The TV–news showed a big sunball near Paris so it might be fine, or maybe TV–news has a fine–weather fan of a weather map technician.

Then I switched channels to find Arte–TV's weather map which is unusual because it has Germany too. If I had been paying attention I'd be able to tell you about Berlin's weather tomorrow. But when the map switched to the French part, those clouds tomorrow were shown raining on here. So I'm confused. My last note for Friday says, 'rain.' Very clearly.

The 'Tati's XXL' Report of the Week

The most unusual aspect of today's club meeting is that I have a sidekick along for the ride, on the Métro, and on the walk to the club and this sidekick is a relation of mine – to be exact, long not seen son Willy, who is visiting myphoto, madonna of the club humble abode for some reason of his own that he hasn't been able to put into words yet.

Yesterday we went out to see the sights. After about 20 metres Willy asked me if there are shops with 'extra large.' All I could think of is the sports place at Gaîté. Sports clothes are all extra large because that's the way sports people are. So we went there and it all smelled like foam, fake rubber and cheap plastic, just like last time.

The club's own 'Madonna of the Café' with ferns.

There's a great selection of the new stuff for fall with all the chic logos. You pay extra for famous labels like Zipe and Abbas and you get the stink for free. The only thing extra large were the prices.

Willy remembered Tati being in the place, and although it is supposed to be bankrupt, it is still there. Signs said 'new fall designs' but it looked like the usual 1970 mess, but Willy found some jeans, nearly blue, just the right size, XXL. Not the kind of size that's necessary to try on first. The best thing was the price – 9.99€ cash.

Of course if you've got pants two of you can fit in you need a belt. Tati didn't seem to have any non–vinyl models, so we went down to Inno but there were only skinny ones there and at Galeries Lafayette some were nice but all brand names like Lacoste and Lanvin, cheapest at 25€ or more usual, 45€. Not the kind of thing you use to hold up 9.99€ pants.

It was the same thing at five other shops in the centre and then in the jeans places in the Métro entry we saw some pretty fancy high–heeled boots in ostrich and lizard, but no suitable belts. There was some three–toned shoes that looked pretty nifty, but out of our range for lack of a pink Pontiac cabrio.

Then it was a choice of looking for some rope in a hardware place or giving Tati another chance. We trudged back there and went in and looked at their six belts and after fifteenposter, espaco brasil minutes one shortened itself to 80 centimetres, so Willy bought it for 4.99€, cash.

Thus attired we got the Métro in the usual place and rode it to the usual stop and walked down the usual narrow sidewalk and across the usual bridge, and unusually, the newspaper kiosk was closed, for summer holidays, but everything else on the Quai du Louvre was open and well–stocked with overheated visitors from out of town.

Cover of program for Brazil everything this summer.

In the rear of the club's café sit members Kim and Ed Hurwitz, on their Paris segment of a vast tour of France. The couple are well–known, because they were at the club in June, and then had some 'real summer' in parts of France where it happens, sometimes without air conditioning – which is not exactly a good reason for leaving Florida.

"You have to put water in," Ed says, about air conditioning in France. It is news to me. I thought you put you in a room with air conditioning and then put on a sweater.

I hear that there are tides on the Atlantic side, none on the Mediterranean, and water restrictions all over. Some islands are so low that tankers are hauling water out to them. Some towns are distributing free water in six–packs.

And no matter where they are, Kim and Ed walk about ten miles a day. Kim says, "In the USA people are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day." For today their odometre is showing 6.91 miles, which is roughly ten kilometres.photo, salt, pepper, mustard

Then a civilian comes in and looks around the club's corner of the café. Is he a new member, a bit shy? Saying the word 'internet' gets some recognition and he digs around in his gunny sack, for five minutes, before pulling out a digital camera and pulling the memory card out of it. "Internet?" he asks.

Tools for food, if anyone ever had any.

Willy, sitting where he can't hear too well, goes off to check out the Rue de Rivoli for stylish XXL. A few minutes later member Josef Schomburg arrives, dressed as an urban pirate, and as he sits down Willy the Bird flies in to check out the club's area for tasty crumbs.

Then it's question time and we run through the issue of the Polish plumber, the stranded Polish shipyard workers and the fate of Samaritaine – not rosy! Pronunciation follows, as in how it sounds in Marseille, or Japanese French in Paris, and Kim says she has a more knowledgeable guru for it in Florida, under the palms in the breezes from the Gulf.

Ed wants the 'Waiter of the Week' to come over so he can pay, but the waiter avoids us. Finally Ed chases after the waiter and catches him halfway to the bar and forces the money on him. The rest of us have gone without so there is no 'Drink of the Week.'

Willy comes back from Rivoli in time for the second 'Group Photo of the Week' which we shoot on the café'sphoto, pedometre terrace as we are retreating back to civilian life. For coming back, I declare Dublin to be the 'City of the Week,' in a week with few other distinctions.

Kim's gizmo can count up to 10,000 steps per day.

Then all of us get across to the water's side and cross the Pont des Arts and go up the Rue de Seine, past Buci, and pass in front of Saint–Sulpice and come out in face of the Luxembourg and go around to the right and into it and cross diagonally to the finger pointing to the Observatoire, pass the fountain and haul up next to Boulevard Raspail, dropping off Josef and Kim and Ed on the way, and get a bag of café in the Monoprix.

The 'Quote of the Week' is "People love procrastination," from Ed, about how hard it is to get photo prints made of the last holiday, when you wait a week and pay ten cents a print, instead of going to some quick place and getting prints off a memory card for a buck a pop.

About the Café Metropole Club's About Page

Today's club meeting 'report,' written with the movie 'Brooklyn Boogie' for background sound, probably doesn't exactly clear up what this is all about.photo, willy the bird If you have spare time from your life take a peek at the virtual 'About the Café Metropole Club' page with its sorry collection of blurred photos, boring words and the infamous scrambled egg of a membership card. You can join the club too, really easy, on any 'Thursday of the Week.'

"Hold still, Willy, for your photo!"

Where, How, What, Who, When, Why Not?

Club meetings, as these afternoon sessions are playfully called, begin at 15:00, in the afternoon, always on Thursdays and continue for 120 minutes until 17:00, always in the western European Time zone, now in its getting shorter daily summer version. Known in other exotic places as 3 pm to 5 pm, around somewhere else is seldom where meetings are conducted. Be sure to come to the café La Corona's 'grande salle.' The folks without 'Internet' in the back, with the starving bird, are us.

Hang out at a meeting – by being at one. Stay for a hour or two with new friends especially if you have the time for it. Real 'firsts' are welcome, with 'true' being equivalent to 'first' even if 'real' is just as likely too, and if it is an alternate form of 'real' with any sort of connection to first, like fact or fiction.

A note of caution – you may have personal reasons for remaining unfindable via the Web. If so, be sure to inform the club's secretary that you prefer to be '404 – not found' by Web search engines before becoming 'found' in one of these club reports.graphic: club location map Check your own name with Google if in doubt.

Former 'rules' continue to be former week after week after week, month after month, year–in year–out, forever and far beyond the present and the past. Nevertheless these ex–rules may still be looked–up so that you can learn that this extremely ancient – 301 meetings! – club with no reason makes it rare to repeat them, as we are fond of repeating.

Talking to other club members at meetings is encouraged rather than optional. There are usually enough empty chairs, so sit – wherever you like. Standing is okay too. Whatever you say will be honestly appreciated by other members present if there are any listening, and there usually are some but not always – and if it should chance to be written here.*

*The above paragraphs are relatively unchanged since last week because of today's quite amazing amount of feckless procrastination, a word to be used with extreme caution.

The café's location is:

Café–Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny – or – 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre–Rivoli, Pont–Neuf or Châtelet.
Every Thursday, from 15:00 to 17:00.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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