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'Group of the Week' Roman, Tomoko, Marion and Stephan.

And Other Astounding 'Firsts'

Paris:– Thursday, 3. November 2005:– The freaky weather seems to be over. It's been blowing, yesterday, so today makes it two days in a row. The problem might be that it's a wind from the south, hardly blowing any deep freeze or blizzards this way.

Some leaves are being blown off the trees and they are piling up like yellow and brown, not snowflakes, but in drifts of leaves. If the city leaves them alone for a minute we can shuffle through them, kicking them around, whee!

For tomorrow there is a wonderfully complicated forecast. The eastern third of France will havephoto, cokes lots of clouds and some amounts of rains, but don't worry about it because none of it is near here. Then offshore and up along the Channel, there will be more of the winds, at 60 kph, but don't worry about them.

Brown drinks of the week were popular.

Here, in the nowhere, northern centre, it should be mostly sunny, partly cloudy, and 15 degrees. Tonight's TV–weather news dude forgot to say this is lower than what we've been used to, but don't worry about it.

Saturday in and around this area is supposed to be semi–sunny at least, but not warm with a high of only 13 degrees, but don't worry about it. According to the forecast, right or wrong, Sunday should be pretty much the same except for a wind from the south of 60 kph, and except for a high of 14 degrees. So you see, there's nothing to worry about.

Even if you planned to go waterskiing, they were doing it on the Seine just the other day. I saw it on the TV–news, but it doesn't mean I truly believe it.

The 'Marion Knits Up a Storm' Report

Other than it being Thursday there didn't seem to be very much special about today being 3. November, if I disregard the wind that banged in my bathroom window. If you ask me I'll say wind is good for Paris, especially now when they are talking about heaving all smokers outside. Le Parisien says they can 're–find the street.'

On TV hardened smokers were shrugging their shoulders as if they are helpless to defend their rights, however few. TV also said that the Irish gave up meekly and now their pubs are full of odorless fresh air with no more character than a pharmacy. But thephoto, cafe of the week real blow came from Italy which everyone was expecting to be sportingly anarchistic. The Italians are standing out in the rain just like the Irish!

A club classic – the 'Café of the Week.'

It is quieter in Paris this week because a lot of the kiddies and their noisy parents are away doing whatever they do somewhere else for Toussaint. There aren't many kids around here so I don't miss them, and while they are not around I kick some defenseless leaves while passing by the cemetery on the way to Raspail. All that's missing for a true autumn adventure is the burnt tire smell of roasting chestnuts.

Pretty soon I am in the Quartier Latin which is much cleaner because it is mostly paving and concrete and walls, without old leaves and not much dirt. The cleanest thing is the Pont Neuf which appears to be 100 percent stone, and some of it is new too. The breezes make the air quite fresh. It is an ideal place for chain smokers.

Except for the usual battalions of cars, trucks, buses, policecars, scooters, and motorcycles the Quai du Louvre is nearly deserted, and there are no good posters either. Exactly three people are sitting on the 103 chairs on the terrace of the café Corona. Inside, in the 'grande salle,' there is only the old man with his big beer and the newspaper.

There is so much free room that I would be comfortable with extra elbows. Quick as a wink I do the blah–blahphoto, knitting, club first and then turn to the paper to read about the '10 reasons for hope,' for the suburbs. After the seventh night of fiery highjinks the paper is trying to be positive on page 2 and 3 before giving last night's score on page 4.

Total, awesome 'first' – 'Knitting of the Week!'

Last night in nine suburbs some unknown people set fire to 40 cars, two buses, two elementary schools, 10 trashcans and one police station. Fifteen culprits arrested on the weekend appeared in court yesterday, with two sent to prison, three others got suspended sentences, one was freed and the six others who may have been sightseeing have to wait for a month.

When a shadow falls across the paper I look up to see members Marion and Stephan Nowak, from Cologne. What a pleasant surprise! They have just been somewhere getting tickets for the morning session at the Grand Palais, to see the big 'Klimt, Kokoschka, Schiele, Moser' show.

Marion says getting reservations means not getting up too early, and not having to stand in line. Then she hauls out her knitting, and continues with what looks like a Halloween scarf.

I take the opportunity to ask about the geopolitical situation in Germany, which has had an election but no clear winner and this far, no clear government. Stephan tries to tell me how the leader of Bavaria decided to not be in the governmentphoto, group 2 of the week because nobody wanted to give him a five–word French–style combo title. Now somebody else important has just thrown in the towel. It is all very fascinating.

The 1st 'Group Photo of the Week.'

But perhaps not quite so much as what Marion is doing. I have been idly watching her wind bits of wool around plastic fishing line, listening to Stephan, before it occurs to me that I have never seen anybody knit like this before.

Which reminds me, that this is the first time that a member has been knitting and taking part in a meeting at the same time. Marion says, "Flexible needles, good for being in an airplane seat."

This even stops Stephan, who asks, "Have you ever used them on an airplane?" Marion looks up and scans the 38 empty chairs in the club's immediate area of the café and says, "No."

Then member Tomoko Yokomitsu, one of the club's several actresses arrives, followed by vry tall member Roman Payne, one of the club's several authors. We engage in a frenzy of criss–cross handshaking, introductions, fumbles and bag–stashing.

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