The Polish Sausage

photo, car of the week When the strikes are over, youth in flames.

Foul, Not Fish

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 24. April 2006:– At this time of year, now that Easter is behind us, we will be having up and down weather until May Day, when by tradition it is usually cool, often damp, and perhaps thoroughly miserable. But if it is not it may mean that the times have changed and spring quits the sleet and starts pretending to be summer.

Take today for example. It started out sunny and then became somewhat cloudy. This was followed in the later afternoon by very dark skies full of black clouds, which burst right over the city with loud thunder and terrific lightning, and lots of rain. It made the television flicker.

Before this happened it was pretty warm too. Now tonight's TV–weather forecast has called the weather for tomorrow 'unstable,' with bumpy skies that will be mostly cloudy and perhaps with brief periods of sunshine. The high is predicted to be 22 degrees.

Then on Wednesday a cloudy front moves east from the ocean, to lay masses of clouds or worse over this around here, and the temperature will get no higher than 17 degrees. By Thursday this mess is supposed to be leaving via stage east, to hassle Alsace, and may leave some sunny periods in its wake, along with a temperature of 18 degrees.

photo, snow, spring, new york, queensSnow in New York, before Easter.

Next Monday is May Day. This is worker's and peasant's day, the one everyone takes off instead of being on strike, and we are supposed to march through Paris strewing daisies about, singing springtime songs of yore, rather than dancing around a Maypole.

There have been a huge number of previews for this day and if the weather isn't springlike – sunny and warm – then I think many workers and peasants, and students especially, will stay home and cram – having lost about six weeks' worth of classroom time. It's the price that democracy sometimes exacts.

Primo Green Italian Weather

Pommeland weather maven, Météo Jim, writes today that New York had very warm weather for Coptic Easter, if it had been last Thursday instead of on Sunday – according to Uncle Den–Den. Yes, fog there and rain, just as here we had mostly sunny until it began to rain in the late afternoon. Here is Météo Jim's new forecast:–

The temperature will reach 70 a–grad on Tuesday along with rain in the afternoon and then will fall back to around 60 a–grad for the rest of the week along with passing clouds. The word for spring in Italian is primavera – first green. The first green in Pommeland has been slow in coming because of the drought. In fact, Pennsylvania was on the verge of issuing a drought warning and canceling spring altogether. But the rain of the past few days has brought a remarkable turnaround. Le gazon in Météo Jim's yard grew about 2 a–inches in as many days. And now les gentlemens pommelandais disent, "Gadzooks! Le gazon!" So, this week, after le gazon has dried, les dames pommelandaises will see les gentlemens pommelandais qui tondent le gazon.

Café Life

The Polish Sausage

I am embarrassed. While I was in New York folks there were asking me what I'd been doing, and I couldn't remember anything in particular. Now that I'm back folks here are asking me what I did in New York and all I can think of to say is, "I just walked around."

photo, cafe athens, astoria, new yorkGreek Day in Astoria.

Now that folks on both sides of the Atlantic are convinced that I'm a complete waste of a roundtrip ticket – "What a null!" – I'm beginning to remember the Polish sausage. The first one I saw was in Greenpoint.

Yeah, I remember now. I went to Greenpoint to get a Polish sausage. And one time, coming back from deepest Brooklyn, I stopped near the bridge to try out the cheesecake at Junior's. I had an American sandwich there too. Junior's is a great place and has a branch in Grand Central station, but the Brooklyn Junior's is the real thing.

photo, polish sausageThe real Polish sausage.

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