Horrible Orange Orage

photo, water jets, parc andre citroen, Kids in summer paradise, of a fine sort.

G o o d H o t B l o g W e e k

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Wednesday, 26. July:– This afternoon under a sun like hot glass I ran into Matt Rose, dressed like a good citizen of the world, in baggy shorts with his toes on display in public in Roman–looking sandals. He looked hot, he sounded hot. So was I.

He said, "Why does it seem hotter today than last week when it was 37 degrees, and it's only 35?" I said it was because we are getting used to it, but privately I thought, "It's 35 headed to 40!"

He went in the post office to send a post card to himself and I skipped waiting for him. I had already been in there. It was a hell hole.

From this you can gather that the forecast has turned out right again and we are cooking here. Part Two of Monday's prediction was the big storm coming from the Atlantic. This produced Météo France's first double Alert Orange on tonight's TV–weather news.

The right half of the country has an Alert Orange because it's too hot – with overnight temperatures higher than 20 degrees, and the left half of the country has an Alert Orange for the approaching storm – which is to be upon us tomorrow, Thursday.

Ding–a–ling yoohoo! pay attention. Move the storm forward to 22:13 tonight, with terrific lightning flashes right over Paris and big booms both far and near, gushers of rain, klippity winds, jiggly power – lights blink – and it must be Alert Orange time right around here right now.

It means that I guessed right yesterday when I went over to the deepest end of the 15th arrondissement to get the traditional Metropole photo of the kids playing in the forbidden jets at the Parc André Citroën. It was like the frying pan of Andalusia over there, and there were the kids totally ignoring the warning signs, leaping around like midget lunatics, in the throes of of delirious kiddom. It took me back to the days of the old orange garden hose.

photo, saint sulpice, fountainWhat a mysterious place for a treff!

Then, anything for readers, I was off in the evening to catch Uncle Den–Den after his nightly Russian tragedy, a summer series of films he alternates with the other – daily, Italian comedies. For a treff we used the Saint–Sulpice but the Café de la Mairie there seems too dim, shadowy, so we wandered over to the Rostand across from the Luxembourg and got a front–row table with an unimpeded view of a locked fence.

We also got a waiter who had been on the job since 11 in the morning, who provided us with excellent service and bad jokes, the former forgiving the latter, so we dallied for a second round until the place closed. It was – so good! Sitting outside, under the stars or whatever is up there at night, room temperature somewhat high, responsible for nothing. If I ever grow up it's what I want to be.

Meanwhile. Météo France is sticking to its guns for Thursday. Expect tonight's storm to be continuing with some bolts of lightning, maybe rain, soup, nuts, with a high of 26 degrees. Friday should be quite a bit calmer, with some rain and with some sunny periods, and a high of 24 forecast. On Saturday the complete blue might be back with lots of sunshine, and a temperature hop to 27 degrees.

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