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Writes, Writes, Scrams

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 31. July:–  Tonight's TV–weather news forecast was laced with words like normal and average for the time of year so it is hardly worth mentioning. The heatwave seems to be history and we can gather only slight comfort for the high temperature Alert Orange posted for the south–east, for the Riviera and its surrounding countryside.

As it happens there was no Le Parisien available today and thus no colored maps waiting for my penible update, my hand–drawn addition of winds, highs, lows, fronts, backyards, lightening, garlic, rain and fluffy white clouds as cute as baby goats.

photo, resto, aux trois canettes Some restaurants never change.

Tuesday appeared to begin with some sunshine but with a 50 kph breeze puffing east out of the towards – Austria? – well, somewhat closer, say the Black Forest. In the afternoon this minor air movement may increase to 60 kph, which means that clouds passing by will obscure the sun at times, to gather around the Rhine but that is not near here. Expect the high to be 23 over Notre Dame and 34 over Nice.

It seems, if I recall correctly, that Wednesday will be much the same – with or without breezes, but with a high of 23 degrees. Same thing for Thursday – variable with sunny periods, northwest winds at 60 kph, but with a high not exceeding some of last week's lows, about 21 degrees. Well, it's August after all. July broke records and enough is enough, especially since everybody has their new fan now.

Pommeland Surrenders Météo Jim

According to Météo Jim, who submitted next week's weather for Pommeland on Friday, he will not be doing August's weather because he is living it. In his own words –

This past week is pretty much like the previous week. The groups La Canicule and HHH have returned but whether it is by popular demand remains open to debate. The following week will see encore performances by the groups just mentioned with temperatures in the mid–to–upper 90's. Their popularity is expected to fade by the end of the week, replaced by the chart topping Lower–to–Mid–80's to bring in the arrival of August.

photo, sign, quebec licence plate, scooter

As July ends, bringing with it the return of Les juilletistes and August appears on the calendars along with the departures of Les aoûtiens, including Ed, Radio Ric and his cousin Radial Ric who works for Michelin, Météo Jim will also be away for a few weeks. He and Mrs. Météo Jim are going to the distant and exotic land of Upper Lesser Hoochikoochistan, whose national motto might be, "If you liked the Inquisition, you love this place!" They have reserved a palatial suite that looks out onto the Snagglefang Mountains, covered in fog, ice, snow, sleet rain or volcanic ash on an average of 359 days a year.

He was going to bring his ever trusty, ever power insatiable electric Bic to flick and report on what he found in that distant paradise, but after finding out that it was a cause of the power outage in Queens and another in Staten Island, he will leave his meteorological duties at home.

Ed's Note:– Amen!

Café Life

Big Jets, HotBlogWeek, Fin

I put the mention of the annual hot weather visit to the water jets in the Parc André Citroën in GoodBlogWeek on Wednesday. That was so long ago that I have had trouble finding it, wondering if it happened, wondering if I did write about it. It was pretty hot that day.

photo, evening at st sulpiceSeeking cool after sunset.

As it turns out it was last Tuesday, right after I finished the last issue. Instead of having my customary Day of Sloth I went riding the boiling métro to the outer reaches of the 15th, to capture the innocent joy of illegal play in Paris' precious dancing water jets. On the equally steamy way back I saw the temperature and melted.

But that didn't stop me from buzzing out to catch up with Uncle Den–Den after his movie night. What was feeling extreme during the day was mere toast under the brown stars in the evening, mostly spent in a café across from the Luxembourg. If you have to be in a hot place there are worse places than Paris.

And that's it. I have nothing more to write. If you are coming to Paris in August the three–ring circus is on and more words will not add to it. To all fans of Metropole, thanks for reading, thanks for your emails, and thanks for coming to club meetings.

photo, water jets Just endless fun in the sun.

Notice of Minor Importance I

Just in from Santa Monica a heads–up from club members Priscilla and Bob alerting all ye who are here that Brian Cousins is appearing in Neil LaBute's three one–act plays that constitute BASH. This starts tomorrow and runs until Thursday, 17. August. Priscilla and Bob write, "We saw and enjoyed it when it played in Los Angeles. His performance is very impressive." In the Salle Vicky Messica, at the Théâtre Les Déchargeurs, 3. Rue des Déchargeurs, Paris 1. Métro: Châtelet. InfoTél.: 01 42 36 00 02. Showtimes Monday to Saturday, at 19:30.

The 'Drinks, Talks, Scrams' Café Metropole Club 'Report'

Last Thursday's Club Meeting of the Week last Thursday handily accomodated two members, the club's secretary, Willy the Bird and a stray pigeon looking for forgotten frites. You can update yoursef with the report of this this breezy meeting which was curtly headlined, Drinks, Talks, Scrams. There was little fresh air to go with the drinks but there was the boring repeat of the Slightly–Important Notice, continuing its mindless repetition.

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