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photo, pyramid, pool, louvre At the same time in the same town – the Techno Parade, but not here.

Headline Sports News of the Week

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 18. September:–  Dozens of people came from the south and more came from the west and they all passed through here, through the lands of Uncle Den–Den, but he did not tell me until today. Matt z'Art returned from Berlin in the east but I did not know this until yesterday. In my station no trains arrived or departed, so without more ados here's the weather if you will just turn straight to page 6 on this webpage.

Ed's Note:– There might be more to come for this week's issue. Please check back for interesting updates.

Sans Preamble

Where have the girls gone is what I wanted to know while watching tonight's TV–weather news on channel 2. The used–car guy in his windowpane plaid was also absent, leaving the young dude, the one who has wet gel behind the ears and nifty spectacles.

Around here the weather is strictly around here. There's no Mr. G to talk about – and show! – the origins of weather, such as hurricanes of ice and snow drifting down from Canada. "There's a LOW over the Great Lakes and it's headed this way. Put the women and children in a dry lifeboat!"

photo, rue de la paix The Paris of big signposts.

No, what we have is France and that's it. This is why I always skip the weather person's preamble. Jumping right in, here's what we have for tomorrow – a wave of little L–type low will pass here in the morning and by noon – give or take four hours – it will have moved east, leaving around here to deal with a partly semi–sunny afternoon, with a little H–type low high of 19 degrees. Already?

But, aside from a south wind of 40 kph, Wednesday should be half to mostly sunny, and the old thermometre is supposed to hike up to 24 degrees. Not already, therefore. And Thursday, the traditional rain day of the week, should be the same but with the wind from the southeast. Just to show there's no hard feelings towards doubters like me, the temperature has been forecast to be 27 degrees. I'm glad I skipped the preamble.

Météo Jim Does Zen

This week Météo Jim kisses summer goodbye and imagines a Haïku for fall. In his own words: –

Last week saw sunny temperatures in the lower 70's a–grad during the day around the middle of the week, to be washed out by rain from Thursday to early Saturday. By the weekend temperatures began climbing back from the upper 70's to the lower 80's a–grad by the weekend.

The final week of summer will start with temperatures in the low 80's on Monday. Then chased away by showers from the Cool School of Autumn who will bring the fall–like weather – the ever popular group The Upper 60's – to shroud the last hours of summer and bring in autumn.

photo, sign, kiss

The Old Farmer's Almanac, official prognosticator of weather past and sometimes future, has predicted a cold and snowy winter for Pommeland followed by a dry and mild summer.

As for the accuracy of the Almanac, refer to the Haïku. Trees are beginning to glow and a few have caught fire. This did not happen last year until early to mid–October which ended up as The Winter that Whimpered.

A la prochaine, Météo Jim

This Café Life

A Non–profit Organization

Sort of like a holdover from last week when I kept writing on Tuesday and Wednesday I maintained my ambition and began gathering material for Metropole's events column which I used to call Scène – remember it? – but I think will be named something like Showtime in the future. The sad news today is that future does not rhyme with Monday, today.

photo, tuileries, rivoli The Paris of big spaces.

Readers and Café Metropole Club members have been kind enough not to browbeat me mercilessly over my failure to keep the whole world informed about what's going on in Paris for culture and entertainment, the whole cascading avalanche of it.

Nova was a bi–weekly magazine with a lot of news for our younger citizens and it was around for a long time before folding its tent last year. Then the English–language section of Pariscope, done by the Time Out people, bit the dust. Last to go, and not so long ago, was Zurban. Parisians mourned its passing. Anyway that's three gone, and there's a reason for it.

photo, printemps reflected The Paris of impressionist reality.

Since I am a non–profit organization not having a balance sheet does not bother me overly, although if you ask me, working for nothing is not rosy. And my nearest magazine store closed its doors at the end of August, so I don't have a handy place to find out if maybe some new program magazines have hit the stands. It should tell you something about the state of the business though.

Meanwhile, since I last did a Scène column some museums that were closed for renovations have reopened, the state and the city have added new attractions, and the whole entertain–Parisians and visitors conglomo has kept on chugging along, churning out new exhibitions and salons, things to see and do, relentlessly, willy–nilly, ad infinitum.

So when then? Should I say, soon? I'd better, because there is the big Auto Salon coming up at the end of this month, the Prix de l'Arc at Longchamp on 1. October and the Montmartre vendanges, at the same time, the Nuit Blanche happens on 7. October, and the Mois de la Photo lasts throughout November. And the hundred museums and galleries have new shows too. I had better get cracking.

The Fiat 500 of the Week?

If you let Google do a search for Fiat 500 in Metropole it will say there are about 250 mentions. So I was surprised to recently learn that Fiat decded to do some viral advertising without asking me – for the new Fiat 500, to be called the Fiat 500.

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