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photo, dany accordeon, cafe insolite Dany squeezes the accordeon for her fans.

G o o d B l o g W e e k

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Friday, 29. September:– It's a couple of big steps from the Beatles Story in a proper theatre on the Grands Boulevards last night to a nondescript café in a nowhere side–street off the Avenue Leclerc a long way south of the Boulevard Montparnasse tonight. But all you have to do is put one shoe in front of the other.

It must be a Berlin anniversary tonight because my favorite TV channel intended to show a bunch of documentaries about the Wall. Sorry Berlin! I walked out and down the rue Daguerre, trying not to think of all the things I've promised to do – yesterday's club report, last night's concert with our Yoko as John's girlfriend – the events column! Uncle Den–Den keeps telling visitors how wonderful it is.

Yeah. He reads it and goes out to all these wonderful events while I stay home tapping my skinny fingers to the bones. Well, that was then and this is now, Friday night and I'm swinging down Daguerre, with a guilty conscience, but nobody's perfect.

Last night, coming back from the theatre, Uncle Den–Den caught up to me going up Daguerre. There was some sort of Coltrane night at the Sunset that he said was really good. We'd both caught the same second–last métro. Then he's telling me about all of his new girlfriends. A lame excuse for not coming to club meetings. We part in front of the Penguins and he does not say hello to Agnés Varda out on the terrace there.

So tonight he's in this café l'iInsolite where Dany the accordeon artiste is providing the Friday night entertainment. Famous American drummer Art Lewis is helping Uncle Den–Den and his bottle of Brouilly with an orange juice and I order one too even though Art says it's not fresh. It hardly ever is in the kind of places we get to.

It's an odd café. It's a neighborhood place in a small, dark street, without much outside light. Not only are the customers apparently local, they also seem to be living in various eras of the past. This is about right because Dany plays the accordeon and sings old Paris songs pretty loudly, adding to the hubble–bubble, except when everybody sings along. Or does a few dance steps. Hey – when you feel good you dance.

More characters come in. A lady with red hair looks like she's stepped out of Vogue magazine, out of a 1949 issue. A couple wearing straw hats could have just closed their cheese shop. But this isn't even the regular Friday night crowd – there are still plenty of empty chairs at 22:00. Art the musician wanders off to upload some late session winks.

photo, dany accordeon

Uncle Den–Den gives half of his bottle to Dany to keep her vocals oiled and we go off to find another musician – Uncle Den–Den is acting as their mail drop and transmitter – and we nose in every joint on Daguerre, but see no one. They are staying in the Hotel Savoy but we don't look there, and out of prudence we skip the Bistro 48 too.

The hotel's entire crew is outside leaning on cars, smoking cigarettes in the dark. How six or seven Joes can work at a single one–star hotel is a mystery, but it's where we put everybody. Californians seem to like it a lot. Cable–TV and showers for 45€ – it's a lot better than sleeping on my floor.

Weekend Weather

We are laboring under a warm wind from Africa according to tonight's TV–weather news, and it will be breezing through here around 60 kph. Aside from low clouds it will be partly sunny and partly cloudy on Saturday. The wind, I guess, will push the high up to 23 degrees. Expect pretty much the same for Sunday with semi–semi in the sky, winds past your nose, and 21 for temperature. The wind is still foreseen for Monday but the sky may be dim. I forgot to watch for the temperature, but doubt if it will be less than 20.

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