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photo, no hands easy rider, pont des arts A no–hands easy rider on the Pont des Arts.

Cool Heatwave Continues

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 13. November:–  The weather maps are showing very dark clouds. If you looked at the maps in today's Le Parisien you would think that we are buried under layers of gray darkness, our skins turned green by the feeble light. This is a gross exaggeration. The real sky is light gray when it is not night and it is warmer than normal, and it is not raining even if it looks like it might at any moment. Please turn to page 8, buried elsewhere on this Webpage.

Page 8 Weather

While it is not a heatwave that we have here, the temperature is really above normal for the time of year. Some leaves are still green and many leaves are refusing to fall off the trees. Folks are wearing scarfs for show rather than warmth.

photo, sign, boite aux lettres

Tuesday is pretty much of a nothing day every week and its weather is usually pro forma. For tomorrow both tonight's TV–news and today's Le Parisien have filled in the northern two–thirds of this country with lots of dark clouds. Out in the Atlantic there are supposed to be winds from the southwest, and they will clip the tip of Brittany at an estimated 50 kph. Meanwhile the overnight low has been forecast at 12 degrees and tomorrow's high is supposed to hit 15 degrees, somewhat higher than normal.

On Wednesday the offshore winds switch to south but maintain speed. The sunny southern third expands to perhaps spread sunshine over around here. With the brightness comes another degree of temperature, forecast at 16 degrees.

Thursday will certainly be more complex. The wind increases and shifts back to coming out of the southwest, so we can expect gusts of about 70 kph even around here. Clouds are supposed to sweep across France, on a diagonal band, from southwest to northeast, leaving the tip of Brittany in sunshine and us here under gloom. The temperature is expected to stay at 16 and we clap our hands for it. Clap!

Ahead of schedule Météo Jim issues a forecast for the past week in New York, and then sends a welcome update today, including up to next Friday. Jim writes –

La Der Des Der?

Today, November 11, Armistice Day or Veterans Day as it is known in Pommeland and La der des der in Paris, the Rest of Paris which is France and Outre–France, also known as Europe, is being celebrated. The weather is smiling on the veterans. Today the parades and marchers have sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 a–grade. But by this time tomorrow rain and a possible Nor'easter will be visiting Pommeland with temperatures around 60 degrees a–grade.

photo, ile de la cite Fall advances slowly.

A quick review of the week that was wet showed that 4 inches – 10 e–100ths–metres – of rain fell in the greater Pommeland area. The weather service is still issuing flash flood alerts for gutters, creeks, smaller streams and their tributaries.

As for the coming week, temperatures will stay around 60 but rain will arrive on Friday and bring cooler temperatures. It is mid–autumn, but the temperatures do not want to agree with the calendar.

Surprise Monday Update ! ! !

Thanks to Metropole's prescient and all knowing gift of 20/20 hindsight, the following update is issued for Pommeland's weather.

The drenchies, the drips and drops, the spritzes and the rainy day feeling will continue off and on throughout the week until Friday when we will have more weather in the form of sun and cooler temperatures. Temperatures will creep up through the 60s until Friday.

The above message is true. If the facts change, disregard them because the truth is true and unchanging.

A la prochaine , Météo Jim

Café Life

Great Photos But No Straw Vote

Reported by Josef Schomburg

Thursday:– I was already happy to be going to Joseph Donohue's vernissage at Harry's New York Bar. I was expecting the fame there that fine evening to be double – it was also election night, and Harry's is known for its election straw polls that are rarely wrong. I say rarely instead of always because the last elections, in 2004, were the first time in its history that the bar had ever called it wrong.

photo, joe donohue outside harry's Photographer Joe Donohue.

Hiroko and I were doing our best not to be too fashionably late. Normally it is a Parisian faux pas to be first to any event, but since this was a Canadian exposition opening – we managed to be slightly fashionable all the same.

For some reason we were ushered directly downstairs where the vernissage was taking place. Once through the batwing doors we saw Joe Donohue and his wife Susan looking comfortable in a couch–ed corner of a crowded room, so we made our way past the tinkling piano player. After our helloes – around the acrobatics of having our coats being whisked away and cocktail menus placed into our hands – Coco did a spin around the cocktail bar to look at Joe's pictures – attractive photos of a selection of very Canadian scenery – and I sat down to chat. Since the last Café Metropole Club meeting two days ago we had lots of catching up to do.

Joe hadn't a clue who his invitees were. His agent had sent out the invitations to all sorts of gallery owners he had never seen before, to people who had never seen him either. I did try to play a bit of pin the tail on the curator but found it difficult from where I was seated with my back to the room.

Coco completed her tour and joined us, and we immediately began to speak of what we had in common. Actually we have a thing and a half in common because, in addition to our being Canadian, we were all Anglophone Canadian. Joe and Susan live in Montréal, the Francophone part of the country. As we soon heard, Joe's French is quite good, and since Hiroko's French is better than her English, we stuck to the Latin tongue.

photo, joe, susan donohueJoe and Susan in Harry's.
Photos by Josef Schomburg.

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