Three Spoons In Queens

photo, sammy's halal, queens, new york Folks lining up for good food on the street in Queens.

G o o d B l o g W e e k

by Ric Erickson

New York:– Wednesday, 22. November:– That's how it was – a simple trans–Atlantic flight that should have put me in New York City in time for cocktails, instead turned into a silly marathon lasting days and very little of it was flying.

But once on the ground, and a day later – Tuesday – the sun was shining as it can only in New York – like blue steel – the jets were swooping in to La Guardia and life was churning along in Queens along Roosevelt, deep in the dusty shadows of the elevated line 7 subway.

The neons said hamburgers and tacos but I was looking for the winner of the 2nd annual Vendy Awards, a local competition that separates the run–of–the–mill food street carts from the kings of the road, or sidewalk. I was told that Sammy's Halal was around somewhere near 73rd Street and Broadway. Facing the Eagle cinema, a left scan spotted the line of the hungry by the cart in front of the bank.

photo, neon, hamburger, tacos

My nose got there before the camera. Winner! said the signs and space was made for the elegant trophy on the counter. Were the diners aware that this chicken stand sported the equivalent of three spoons? That was, I guess, three plastic spoons, because this is about eatin' on the street, stand–up and outside. Well yes, in Queens too.

Check this out for a re–cap of the Vendy's competition last October.

Jim's Weather – So I Don't Have To

Tuesday:– As Ed, Radio Ric and his cousin Radial Ric who works for Michelin prowled the City of Light looking for places to show their Mojo on the Bojo novo, the rain flowed like the plonk that was being celebrated. See first column on page 9 to find out the significance of this important statement.

Not to be outdone, the Alliance Française held its annual Bojo novo dégustation on the same night as Paris, which proves the refrain in theJacques Brel song, "Et Paris bat le mesur." However, it was not done on a dark and stormy night – merely a dark one. See column on page 9. Analysis begins on page 67. So, can one say that if the rain did not flow like the Bojo novo, donc, the Bojo novo did not flow? Not having gone to the party, Météo Jim can only speculate.

However, on the night of Nov. 17 – 18, rain did flow. And flow. And flow. And the Bojo novo flowed in from France. So, on Friday, Nov. 18, Météo Jim went to his favorite marchand du vin and plunked down his hard earned bucks on the latest plonk.

Was this a weather report or a Bojo novo report? The past week in Pommeland should have been banished. It was a disgrace to November. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s a–grad and flirted with setting new record highs on several occasions. As has been the usual pattern, a cold front arrived Thursday night along with the Bojo novo and put November back on la bonne route, as those with Mojo who have tried the Bojo novo would say.

photo, roosevelt avenue in queens Under the line 7, Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

This coming week is very important not only in Pommeland, but also in the rest of non–Pommeland because it marks ThanksgivingLe Jour d'action de grâce – where Les Pommelandais show their Mojo, drink their Bojo novo and sing the wildly popular, "Il est cuit le devin dindon." while watching endless matchs de futboll américain.

It also means the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, the arrival of Santa Claus and the start of the Christmas Season.

The weather people have been drinking too much Bojo novo because thereare conflicting reports about the weather on the Le Jour du dindon. Onereport says partly cloudy while another report says chance of showers. Other than that, both reports agree that temperatures will be in the mid 50s a–grad throughout the week.

Une bonne Fête du dindon to all

A la prochaine, Météo Jim

Thanksgiving Weather – Cool Cs in New York

There's a storm creeping north that is going to encircle New York, one that promises to dump maybe 2 centimetres of rain on the Apple. Temperatures will be just as unfriendly in the mid–40s – about 7 degrees in Continental terms. Expect, for some reason, the thermometre to gain about 10 degrees for Friday, perhaps equivalent to 13 of the big Cs.

BlogWeek in New York Before, After

This tale of holiday delirium in the City continues. Now playing in November and throughout December, almost exclusively, right here in Metropole Paris. For the latest update, here's the link.

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