Smoke Is Out In France

photo, seine, bridges, orsay, louvre, grand palais A nearly monochrome January.

A Punky Forecast

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 29. January:–  Lately the weather has not seemed to be such a personal insult to me so I find it difficult to work up a proper rant and rave about it. The beginning of this week is a good example of an uninsulting forecast. It is a punky forecast. A forecast so dreary is rates no raspberry. Tune your dials to –

The Weather Channel

The weather guy on France–2 TV–news came right out with it. He said, quote, "A system of high pressure is weighing heavily on some fog, pushing it down to where we are." Listening between the lines, it means that it will be gray and miserable around here but we shouldn't mind it because there is a jolly clear blue sky above the fog and the clouds.

photo, rainy street Cool and damp, with cold potions
across the way.

It's a bit like saying we shouldn't mind it being winter here because it is summer in Australia. Has anybody stopped to consider that down under Santa's reindeer pull a surfboard and not a sleigh? How can the kiddles get a thrill out of that? Does anyone think they go skiing in order to see exploding whales?

Well, anyway, we will have a high we can't see. Under the fog it may get a tiny bit sunny at times in the afternoon on Tuesday if you don't give up on it. Expect a temperature somewhere around 9 degrees. Wednesday looks like it will be a day devoted to fog and low clouds and the same goes for Thursday. Temperatures are expected to stay in the 9 to 8 degree range. Way out west, mostly in the ocean, there will be peeps of sunshine but that isn't around here anywhere.

Across the mighty Atlantic the weather is folklorique but we have it covered. We switch computers and go now to Météo Jim, spinning his tales.

Stupor Follows Groundhog

American folklore marks dates by such names as the Great Snow or Cold Friday. Although there was no snow, this past Friday was definitely a Cold Friday. The low temperature was 9 a–grad – minus 12 euro–grad – with a wind chill factor of 0 a–grad– minus 16 euro–grad.

photo, citroen 2cv Working model of a rétromobile.

Today, Sunday, a heat wave will seize Pommeland with a high of about 42 a–grad. The heat will not last long because a new cold wave will arrive tonight along with hurried flurries. The temperature tomorrow will hover around 29 a–grad – minus 3 euro–grad – then rise slightly for the rest of the week with temperatures in in mid 30s.

A note of importance – January ends this week, sliding into February which starts off the month – on Feb. 2 – with the memorably important Groundhog Day on Saturday followed by the StuporBowl on Sunday.

A la prochaine , Météo Jim

photo, le parisien, abbe pierre, le pape des pauvres, tuesday

Café Life

Actually Continued

Saturday:– You might have heard that the Abbé Pierre died last week. He had the year's biggest mass on Friday at Notre Dame. All the biggest nobs who haven't done anything much about the lack of housing for the poor for the last 55 years were there, along with bus–loads of folks who work for the Abbé Pierre's enterprises – most of them one–time street people.

Actually continued... right here

Forget the Reminder of the Week

The Soldes d'Hiver, blah blah blah, etc. The big news is that everybody in France is supposed to stop smoking on Thursday. By odd coincidence this is also the Café Metropole Club day, but it is not related. Smoking is to halt in public places like operating rooms in hospitals and recreation areas of nursery schools, and in places where they make video games. Smoking in bars, cafés and restaurants will not be outlawed until next year – like on New Years Day unless I'm mistaken. France will never be the same but folks have said this before, many times.

The Café Metropole Club Meets Soon

A recent club meeting last Thursday contrived to occur with four whole members present. The server–lady was there but she left early, to go to class. This week on Thursday there will be the another Café Metropole Club meeting and I hope that I am mistaken about it happening on France's first day of no smoking.

photo, sahara club, quartier latinClub entry in the Quartier Latin.

The next meeting ofthe Café Metropole Club will be on 1. February. The Saint of the Day on Thursday is rather well–known. It will be the turn of Sainte–Ella. She was married to Guillaume who was a brother of Richard Cœur de Lion and she was the Abbess of Laycock. All this happened about 900 years ago, back in the murky past.

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