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Metrical News by the Yard

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 19. February:–  If it wasn't February one could think spring is coming early but maybe it's one of the few side–benefits of global warming. The sort of average high of 10 degrees last week seems to have edged up to 13 most recently. Details are in the little weather puddle below –

Some Laps In the Birdbath

We don't care about 15 degrees with blue skies and only a whisper of wind because that was yesterday. Mind you, several thousand were in the Luxembourg to enjoy it before their return to the hearths of industry, to the sweat–shops of capitalism, today. On second thought, a lot of those Sunday folks are in the Left Bank's playground on weekdays too.

On top of the problem of trying to decipher the new TV–weather maps on France–2, my teevee is dying, giving up its ghost. In addition to wobbles the color is dropping out. With the new sunshine areas being shown in orange I am out of luck. Of course they may not have been orange for sunshine at all. They may have really been the grey I saw.

On Tuesday there will be a wave of dark clouds to the west and they will pass through here, pushing what might have been somewhat cloudless skies to the east, where they will be wasted. At least we can expect a high of 14 degrees, somewhere around 14:38.

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My impression was that we might have a band of brightness on Wednesday but maybe this will be a band of rain instead. Nothing is supposed to be violent so it will be light rain if there is, in fact, any rain. High for the day was predicted as 12 degrees.

Thursday bring more bands – these stretch all the way from north to south – and the one to the left – ah, west – will have rain in it. Here, to the east of it, it will not be raining but it will only be a matter of time. The temperature is foreseen to pick up a tick, to 13 degrees, just right for the Café Metropole Club day.

photo, depth of snow in new jersey, photo auman Jim's official snow
depth color photo.

From over the Atlantic shoppingnews is rampant again but we expected no less after Valentine's Day. We spin our arms, arrange our cuffs and turn to Météo Jim, with the latest... fleece?

Snow Is White, Fleece Is Golden

Today, the third Monday in February, is celebrated as a holiday in La Grosse Pomme, Pommeland, Pommelandia. All federal, state and local government offices are closed along with post offices and public schools. Most businesses, companies, stores and other forms of commercial fun and transactions are open, however.

On this day which celebrates the births of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Pommelanders and everyone else are expected to descend on the stores in frenzied droves to get the final winter discounts and pre–spring offerings. However, if Pommelanders are stuck doing work, donc, ergo, clearly, this is a situation where French logic could solve the problem.

photo, flying saucer kiosk, sitters in luxembourg Sitting, what else? – in the Luxembourg.

Usually there is a major storm around this time. This year it arrived on Valentine's Day, interfered with love but left in time for store owners to clean the snow from the parking lots to receive customers who aren't coming to spend money because they are at work making it. Since this is for French readers, making money is a taboo subject, and we won't talk about it any more.

On Saturday and Sunday the thermometer actually rose above freezing for a few hours, only to be sent scudding back to the basement. Snow showers are predicted for Sunday followed by temperatures in the 20s a–grad for Monday. Tuesday will see snow–rain showers with highs in the low 40s a–grad. This heatwave – temps in the low 40s – will continue into the rest of the week until other weather replaces it or it continues unabated. As usual, see the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly disclaimers.

A la prochaine , Météo Jim

Café Life

A Double Birthday

This page has grown to its customary length of 2000 words and I haven't even written anything yet. I've done the weather and added Jim's exciting report from New York and added a pile of the usual nonsense at the bottom of the page, and here we are in the middle, totally blank.

photo, kiddie kiosk, luxembourg Full service for the under–12s.

Well, listen. There is something, actually. There are two somethings. The first is next Monday. It is the anniversary of Metropole Paris, the very Internet magazine you are holding in your hands right now. It began on next Monday's date in 1996 and here we all still are.

The second event happens in the next issue too, in Issue 12.09. On Thursday, 1. March the Café Metropole Club will hold its 365th meeting.

Metropole has never had any awards of the sort that used to be common on the Web and I don't expect any in the future. Readers are quite enough – I mean, what else does Metropole need besides readers?

These anniversaries are liable to cause a bit of overemotion around here. If you feel the same way, why not drop me a line or two? As is usual every day, I can always use some feedback. In fact it would make a nice anniversary issue if you, the readers, would write it. Send your cards and letters right away. I am setting up as many pages as necessary to fit everyone in. Let's show who we are. Let's kick out the walls, jams, nd go serious crazy.

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