11 Years of Mondays

photo, parade, chinatown, new year In Chinatown on Sunday.

Matched by 365 Thursdays

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 26. February:– Today is the 11th anniversary of this thing, this Metropole Paris. Little did I realize when it started that I would be around to see it begin a 12th year of publication. It was so surprising that I promptly caught a cold in my nose that sprayed fluid all over everything within a one–metre radius.

The word must have gone around the Internet because spam immediately increased to about 300 messages of trash per day. No doubt some of the congratulatory cards and letters got flushed away, on account of my distressed state. If your email is not here I am sorry. As for all those others pushing dope, beautiful replica watches and rare beauties from Russia – we know who you are! – and well, I am sorry for you too, but down the drain you go.

Carefully saved from the torrential flow, the two following messages.

It's a Lot of Thursdays

Subject: A line or two for the 365th anniversary issue
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 08:59:53

First congratulations. A year of meetings. If put back–to–back, the possibilities stymie the imagination.

photo, flags, parade, chinatown, new year

Meeting your challenge in the Issue 12.08:– Thursday, 22. February, "These anniversaries are liable to cause a bit of overemotion around here. If you feel the same way, why not drop me a line or two?"

It is most unfortunate that physical attendance is the qualifier to be a club member. I fail that test.

But if loyal readership can at least qualify as having honorable intentions of future attendance, I'm your man. By my best estimate, I have been reading the Café Metropole Club online newsletter since I discovered you in 2003. We were planning our 2nd trip to Paris for October and a Google search brought me your site which I immediately saved in my Paris "About the city" Favorites folder.

FYI, Barbara and I will make our membership official by all stated rules with our attendance at the October 25th meeting. We look forward to voting on the City, Drink and Waiter of the Week. We also hope that our time in the City of Lights will be met with 15–degree days and no soggy clouds from the West.

I look forward to meeting you and saying, "il me fait le grand plaisir de vous voir ici aujourd'hui." Please don't expect much more in conversational French on our meeting.

photo, lion, parade, chinatown, new year

Ed Wolffe, Atlanta, Georgia

Complexities of Thursdays

Subject: And the winner is: THE GROUNDHOG!
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 09:15:13

Bonjour Ric!

As February comes to a close, a short review is in order. Since February is a short month, we cannot have a long review. The same goes for France's famous short but energetic minister Nicolas Sarkozy. In short, February was short, energetic and dry. So, donc, voilà, February will be a code name for Mr. Sarkozy and Sarkozy will be interchangeable with February. Whether Mr. Sarkozy is dry or not and how much precipitation – wet or dry – falls on him will be discussed in a future issue.

Is it a coincidence that when February has 28 days, both February and March have days and dates that are exactly the same? For example, February 1 fell on a Thursday. March 1 will fall on a Thursday. The Ides of February and March both share the same day – a Thursday. Is there a plot by Thursday to share toute la gloire? On verra!

In short, to review February which is a short month, it was cold and up to now, except for different areas, rather dry. That may change starting tonight. But first a review of the weather for the past week.

photo, yellow shirt, parade, chinatown, new year

Tonight is Oscar Night throughout Pommeland and everybody is talking about Metropole's entry, the daring documentary "Ceux qui m'aiment regarderont la météo." This is the story about individuals and weather caught up in the complexities of life confronted by the complexities of Bojo Novo.

Stay tuned to your local Metropole station for infrequent sequels.

A la prochaine , Météo Jim

Ed Says

Admittedly, Météo Jim's note isn't about Metropole's anniversary, although I think Jim has been reading every issue since 1917. It is difficult to separate history, such as Metropole's, from mere Oscars, and of course we are disappointed that Metropole's documentary received so few nominations, fewer votes, and in fact no votes except the ones we bought. We enjoyed making the musical about the Montparnasse cemetery.

Meanwhile in Hollywood a deserving director named Martin Scorsese got his Oscar, not for Mean Streets, but while I was watching the 1930 production of Morocco by Josef von Sternberg, featuring the 18–year old Gary Cooper and the considerably older Marlene Dietrich. It was about the French Foreign Legion, the one where Adolphe Menjou and his little French moustache play the Claude Rains part in Casablanca.

Thanks for reading, dropping in to the club, and keep those cards and letters coming.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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