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photo, beef storage, rungis market Where beef hangs out before it gets to you.

Food On the Hook

Paris:– Wednesday, 14. March:– A week ago today I had a simple life that consisted of walking south through the 14th arrondissement to catch the new tram for a ride to Paris–Expo, to see this year's beautiful cow show. Sitting at home today, chewing fingernails, waiting for a plumber, that former life seems so remote.

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No less wonderful was the Village du Cochon. I mean it was wonderful if you like looking at sleeping pigs having wonderful dreams, with their tusks hanging out. One large enclosure had a bunch of little black pigs with curly tails that were romping around like – like three little pigs – but there were about a dozen of them. Worth a half–hour at least.

Looking for the chickens, which were back at this year's salon, resulted only in seeing a a glass–sided box full of eggs that were hatching. An egg would jiggle and then a crack would appear, and then this scrawny drowned–looking flea of a bird would battle its way out. Chicks 10 minutes old were already yellow and fluffy, just like the fake ones at Easter. After 30 minutes I assume they are ready to be grilled.

photo, cow heads, tetes de veaux In the scrap meat hall.

Then a pause outside in the sunshine was taken, in Paris' unfarm–like air. As I was already out, it seemed easier to cross under the road to the Hall 2 than to take the traditional overhead passage, so this is what I did. I'm sure the passage was just as hot and crowded as it was in past years, as evidenced by the mobs in Hall 2 trying to get to Hall 3.

A quick look in Hall 4 indicated it was full of show dogs and not the food that used to be in it. So with 10,000 other folks I ambled along to the imposing Hall 7 which had two floors given over to French food treats, and foods from the offshore departments and territories. World foods were in a remote corner of Hall 3. I had some great ham and cheese tidbits there.

Finding the Bretagne in the second level of Hall 7 was somewhat taxing, on account of searching for it high and low on the first floor and not finding any logical geographical order. In a way this was good because I got to try some nibbles from unfamiliar regions, such as Martinique. All the same fatigue was setting in. Hall 7 was like an all–day sucker and trying to get out of it in less than two hours left a feeling of... release.

photo, charles, guide at rungis, with zombie peopleOur guide at Rungis, not smoking.

Did I say there was a lot of folks at the salon? With the bird virus thing last year the attendance was reduced. Obviously Parisians felt deprived and many must have interrupted their jolly skiing holidays just to take in France Farms Corp.

With good reason. I think it is kind of nice that farmers from all over France send their food and animals to Paris once a year, just for us to look at, and maybe touch, and nibble a bit. It kind of makes one humble to look a 1200–kilo blond in the eye and contemplate how it might look and smell on a plate.

And so it was, too tired to cook, I found myself in the Café Rendez–Vous that evening, tucking into a juicy pepper steak with some frites on the side.

Food On the Hook

Friday, 9. March:– This day started kind of early for me after writing last week's club report, at 04:15 in the morning, long before sunrise. As you might guess the VGFoM was behind the extremeness of the hour and somewhat before I my senses switched to on I was hustling down the street to catch a bus at the Denfert RER station. This is how a visit to Paris' distribution food market at Rungis begins.

Of course I knew that there would be a score of lunatics along for the ride because this is the minimum for a tour – my first tour! – but I was a bit surprised when the bus filled up, all 50–odd seats. The ride to Rungis was not exciting, in the dark, along the Périfreak! a short bit and then down the A6 towards Orly. Rungisis located on an area on the northwest corner of the airport.

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