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photo, marie and katherine, the group of the week Marie and Katherine, today's Group of the Week.

A Weekend With Bretons

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Thursday, 20. September:–  I have pretty well hung up my leaky crying pot for the season. You get a ways into September and slowly you realize that bemoaning the lack of summer is futile, so snivelly whining is useless. Afterwards anything decent that turns up is just some sort of fluke and nothing that we're owed. No point in complaining to Nicolas Sarkozy at all.

Habitual readers will want to know how my new TV is handling this weather chore. It is big and beautiful and required that I destroy my living room to fit it in. Does anyone want two cubic metres of seldom–used junk? I can let this go for a very fair price. Make an offer. Nevermind – for some totally obscure technical reason the TV signal is not arriving from my splendid Orange triple–play unit. In fact, my telephone has elected to randomly speed–dial folks I don't know.

So in this transition period I have a great big, very wide TV picture, with a lot of snow drifting from bottom to top, and the sound keeps switching from mono to stereo. Other than that, it is beautiful. During tonight's weather test run the TV managed to call up good weather for this weekend. It has almost paid for itself already.

photo, beer of the week The familiar beer of the week.

It has definitely been a bit chilly lately. So learning that it might be sunny and 23 degrees tomorrow, after some stupid morning chilliness which I will sleep through, everyone in Paris can rejoice. There will be a wind up the Channel but it will be no concern of ours. Friday night will be dark though.

Two out of three sources say that Saturday will be sunny and one out of three said it will be semi–sunny. Let's split the difference and elect mostly–sunny–with–thin–clouds, and a high temperature of 24 degrees. Very fair, I think.

Sunday is like the cherry in the raspberry. From the TV – remember snowing? – I put down more sunny than Saturday and one other source had more sunny than cloudy. The watchit here is a forecast for 30% humidity. Temperaturewise it is even better, with an outlook for 24 or 25 degrees. In sum, expect a classic weekend, with classic being in the Roman style. This means, not seen for 2000 years, or, only seen in central Italy.

The Cosmology Topic of the Week Report

I like to pick up a bit of culture while having breakfast so I was reading the user manual for the new TV this morning, and yes, it was still morning! I was four or six pages into how to tune it for analog when I came to the following section, which was about how to tune it for digital. The salesman at Darty didn't say anything about it having two ways to tune it. He said very clearly, and I remember it like it was yesterday, that they didn't have the TV I asked for. Now I know why.

photo, orange incognito of the week Cool dude orange of the week.

The same unit that's in my livingroom right now. I decided to skip the digital until Friday morning, and go to the club. There was the usual nonsense of the métro and the walk through the Quartier Latin and my bridge was in sparkly shape when I crossed it. I didn't get as many poster shots as last week in front of the Samaritaine but the sun was warm there, away from the breeze – forecasted! – along the Seine.

Monsieur Ferrat was outside the club's café waving menus at folks passing by. There were already a fair number that had been flagged down, eating frites and garlic. He said it was a class–A day and I agreed. A gang of strangers were installed in the club's space so I simply took another table. It wobbled.

This made reading today's Le Parisien a disturbing exercise. But there are a lot of events these days and I skipped the news to read about the coming Bretagne gala weekend here. We used to have a generic Fête de la Seine but guys in kilts playing bagpipes and ladies in long dresses slinging crêpes and dishing out oysters are much more fun. They, both of them, will even parade down the Champs–Elysées, starting at noon on Sunday. Otherwise they are all hanging out at the Quai Saint Bernard.

photo, consulting a map Tool number two – a map.

The arrival of new member Marie Mazurchuk from Vancouver in British Columbia made my $10 glasses fall off. Marie was tipped to the club by member Terry Gardy, because they were in high school together in Kitsilano, famous for its zillion dollar view. Maire's first news was that she's found a tutor for French instead of going to the Alliance Française, which I promoted because I used to work around the corner.

Then new member Katherine Waser arrived and sat down at the wobbly table. I spoke to Katherine yesterday when my telephone speed–dialed her instead of Marie. She sounded so agreeable that I told her about the club and she said she intended to come today to meet the secretary, who is me. This Orange telephone service is pretty amazing!

photo, cafe of the weekSolo café of the week.

Katherine lives in Tucson, Arizona but she prefers a place she shares in Portal, Arizona, which is in the Chiricahua Mountains in southeast Arizona, and it sounded like a fine place to be the City of the Week especially if you like arid, remote and bird watchers.

Marie and Katherine traded impressions, with Katherine saying that there are a lot of similarities between the northwest and the southwest. However the terminology for Indians is slightly different – or was until Katherine mentioned that an American Native she asked about it, said, "We call ourselves Indians."

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