On the Blink

photo, breizh touch, breton, floating fish Whatever this is, its name is Breizh Touch.

Close To Lights Out

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 24. September:–  We have just gotten through another weekend stuffed with circuses and free shows, sports of all sorts, garden parties and parades, and all of it was blessed with days free of rain, semi–to–more–than–semi sunny, with temperatures well above freezing and probably on the money for the season, that included a couple of near–classy sunsets.

Ed Calls for Toleration

It just goes to show that it does not matter how much I rant and rave about the local weather, because it just keeps on doing what it intends to do no matter what I say. For this reason I do not feel compelled to editorialize about how horrible the next three days are likely to be. The weather shall be blameless, if only this once.

Tuesday is supposed to begin very bright and possibly sunny, depending on how soon or how much effect there is from the big, low, twirl centred over Ireland that will be shifting waves of cool air this way from the northwest. However by noon or 14:00 at the latest it may tend to become somewhat rainy if not outright stormy, but you are dressed for it. Right? Meanwhile the temperature at ground level will hike from 9 degrees to maybe 16, and you should, maybe, welcome it.

photo, mini sailboat, la gazelle des sables Cute sailboat for solo crew.

The following day there may be some frozen pellets of snow – grésil – flying around in some higher places but you should be able to take this in stride, especially if you have a suitable anorak to wear on the open, top deck, of tour buses. Otherwise it will likely rain in the morning and be stormy in the afternoon, while the wind from the north will merely be 70 kph and the temperature could get as high as 13 degrees.

On Thursday there may be brief flashes of sunshine in Brittany, somewhat far away from here. Expect more of that jolly grésil at higher elevations but no more than semi–showers around here. The wind from the north should be a lot less too, no more than 60 kph, and a high of 14 was forecast. Actually, Météo France thinks the temperatures will be 15, 11 and 12 but that's pretty close, isn't it?

Météo from New York across the Atlantic will be more good than here, according to our expert, semi–wise forecaster, Météo Jim. Take it away Jim:–

photo, figs, smoked duck, alvin's saladAlvin's figs and smoked duck.

Basking In Pommeland

As Ed, Ric, Radio Ric and his cousin Radial Ric who works for Michelin lament the passing of summer and yearn for the summer of 2007 that never was, Pommeland is basking in temperatures that are 10–15 a–grad above normal. Instead of temperatures in the low 70s – last weekend they were in the mid–60s during the day – the weekend will see the thermometer in the low to mid–80s a–grad. But as the week flows into October, October's cooling breath will bring a chance of rain and temperatures back to the low 70s.

To keep on boring Metropole's readers, Tropical Depression #10 has formed in the Gulf of Mexico close to Florida's western shore. Should it increase in force, it will be named Tropical Storm Jerry. For Tom and Jerry aficionados, neither Tom nor Tuffy are on this year's list of hurricane names. In short, in the City, Tuesday mostly sunny and 30 degrees, Wednesday semi and 31, and Thursday sunny, cloudy, thundery, humid, and 28 on the old centimometre.

photo, sign, breizh burger bio

A la prochaine, Météo Jim

Café Life

On the Blink

Consider, if you will, that this is a non–issue of Metropole. After all the excitement of the past weeks I feel sleepy. I did go the the Quai Saint Bernard and looked over the revelries of the Bretons showing off their fishing boats and oysters, their games and music, their sailboats and yellow submarines.

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