Little Ado About Less

photo, cafe windows, red awning This afternoon's view of the week.

Members of the Week, Again Absent

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Thursday, 27. September:–  Just as I hung up my leaky crying pot because you can't fight the weather and fall means that the year is moving on towards its logical finale, I feel that I have every perfect right to lodge a complaint about the premature arrival of... winter.

Before we have our scarves and gloves, our fur–lined coats, and our plush booties, here is winter rasping around town, chasing the leaves still green but too fatigued to hang on, the mean winds from the northwest and they are holding down the temperature to 14 or 15 degrees, strangling le chaleur and spreading the dreaded sog partout.

Tonight's TV–weather news said that are our troubles are caused by a deep low in the Gulf of Genoa but I say if it wasn't for all the muck lurking over Britain, nothing would get dragged across France over our heads and we could be looking up at a blue Indian summer sky.

photo, cafe of the week The, ah, café of the week?

Tomorrow is almost certain to be rainy in the morning, rainy in the afternoon and probably rainy in the evening, and at around 14:00 it will be no more than 14 degrees, which is 57 anglos. Then the rain will still be with us Saturday morning but I intend to skip it and wait until it gets partly cloudy and partly sunny in the afternoon, but with a temperature not a dot above 14 again.

Sunday, now, is supposed to be another kettle of fish. Three sources predicted that it will be sunny which doesn't mean that it will be, but I am inclined to give it a doubtful nod because I will be stir crazy by then. A hint that it might be true was the forecast for a high of 18 or 19 degrees. Normally I wouldn't cheer for these mediocre values – on Sunday I am outa here to pick up posies in the Senat's park!

The Little Ado About Less of the Week Report

I got a friendly phone call from the server–lady Linda Thalman yesterday while I was wondering what to do with myself while the guy from Orange was figuring out why the old DSL modem was being ignored by my Mac. He decided to send me a new one, so I was looking at an offline machine, not reading the local items in the New York Times. Linda asked me if I had been disturbed by the Taxi strike yet.

photo, condiments, mustard, oil vinegar, salt pepperSalt and pepper of the week.

I got up and looked out the window but all I could see was leaves and the trees that hold them up, hiding the street below. It's a green hell around here. Taxis in Paris are not usually yellow, so I didn't see any. Then she told me about how her solar–powered house at the ranch is making so much electricity that the metre is running backwards. But that wasn't why she called. She wanted me to go out and report on something – "It only needs to be a few lines!" she said.

I wondered how she knew I was wasting all my time reading user manuals for the modem, the decoder, the TV and the DVD player. Frankly I was getting tired of it but being offline helped me focus, so in the absence of any TV signal coming in from the Internet I hooked up the DVD player and it worked on the first try so I wrapped myself in some blankets to watch a movie about bad doings in Hollywood. At about 12 degrees in here it was way cool!

Then I had to get up early today so that the Orange guy could air control me back to the Internet or you wouldn't be reading this now. As it turned out, I wasn't doing anything wrong. I just wasn't doing it right enough. Boy he sounded pleased with himself when I could say, "We have network" and I got my first look at a 24–hour collection of new spam. Online is so cool too.

photo, bill, empty cafe, le parisien That was, the café, of the week.

So I went off to the club today fit and snapper, ready to rock. When I got to the club's café there was no one out on the breezy terraces. Some folks were inside eating warm stuff. Gradually it became quiet and after I had read a good deal of Le Parisien – taxi strike on page VIII, just before page 19 – I realized that there seemed to be no members, old or new, no City of the Week, no Food of the Week, and so on.

In a case like this I try to pass on interesting items from the paper, such as the story of the lady who shoplifted 3500 items from one supermarket. She figured out they weren't watching the store too carefully. She got nabbed by the cops who thought something was odd about her sales on eBay. She had sort of a superstore there.

photo, doggie desires to partir Same to me, outside looks good.

But I'm sure readers and loyal members have better things to do than read club reports about nothing happening, so I won't drag this out. I was very comfortable in the club's café this afternoon. The sun came out a bit and spread some orange light around inside. One of Le Parisien's front page headlines said, "The French Want To Save the Planet." Isn't that nice? All the more reason to come to the club when you are in the mood and in town.

Sleepless In Paris

The Nuit Blanche 2007 was not discussed this week. As usual detailed details are obscure and as usual I haven't checked back. Try the Ville de Paris main page and hit the link for Culture. This year's White Night is supposed to be aligned with métro line 14, from Batignolles to Les Olympiades in Chinatown. To be on Saturday, 6. October.

About the Café Metropole Club

Spin your mouse around a recent club meeting report in an archive deeply buried in Metropole which is on the Internet. Online reports are more concise but less exciting than being at tediously long and live club meetings. An explanation for what we were doing today may be incomprehensible but can be found anyway on the About the Café Metropole Club webpage.

graphic, club location map

Weird Weird Stuff

As spontaneous as every Thursday, half unrehearsed, semi out of control and again a lot less than one member. Club meetings are in fact from 15:00 to 17:00 every Thursday. The next meeting will be on Thursday, 4. October. These are metric times and are the same as 3 to 5 pm around other odd unmetric places, while meetings are held around here. Whatever you feel like saying will be totally appreciated by the other members present if there are any and they are listening, and sometimes they are, but not always.* Your other, absolutely true, stories are totally welcome too if they are very true.

Caution – should you have a personal desire to remain unfindable via the Web, be sure to inform the club's secretary that you prefer to be 404 – not found by Web search engines before becoming found. Spurn membership, stay unfound.

*The above paragraphs are relatively unchanged since last week because Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to pay us more if we work more, without promising anything for straight time.

The café's location is:

Café–Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny – or – 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre–Rivoli, Pont–Neuf or Châtelet.
Every Thursday, from 15:00 to 17:00.
Next club meeting on Thursday, 4. October.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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