Talking Isn't Enough

photo, group, katherine, linda, edward, yoko, marie, stephan, marion At last, a Group of the Week, again.

We Should All Knit Too

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Thursday, 4. October:–  The coming weather as forecast tonight by France–2 TV news and weather showed that it was worth waiting for. Earlier in the week the prediction for the weekend was lousy but it was credited with only a 2 out of 5 likelihood, so it was worthless as well as being lousy. Now we have new news, but let me first say that having a new TV makes it very tempting to watch. In order to produce this report tonight I am missing Intolerance by D. W. Griffith, in VO no less!

Actually Intolerance is a black and white silent movie – with music by a big–time French orchestra – that has a runtime of 197 minutes. Griffith chose to tell his story, with wonderful titles by Anita Loos, in four parts, or four ages. There's modern as modern was in 1916, there's Paris at the time of Catherine de Médicis, there's Babylon in 539 BC and I must have missed the fourth one.

In case you think this has nothing to do with the Café Metropole Club you are mistaken. Besides Catherine there's our very own Amiral de Coligny who was murdered right nearby. Anita Loos has Catherine say, "Such a fine man, Amiral de Coligny. If only he thought as we do." And our hero says right back, "Such a wonderful king. If only he thought as we do!" And then they hacked him to pieces.

photo, clean drinks of the week Only clean drinks for us.

In modern times there are these ladies dressed like bats out of hell, and they want to close all the saloons. "There's drinking in saloons!" they would have said if Intolerance was a talkie. Company goons shoot the poor workers who were dancing after hours, so they move to the big city where the goons are tougher and better armed. Young maidens are deflowered and all sorts of bad stuff goes on. It was about lack of tolerance after all.

In case you missed it, you might be more interested in our weather. On account of the time of year it might be a bit foggy in the mornings. By noon it will become sunny on Friday and the temperature will get up to an agreeable 22 degrees at 14:00. There will no wind to speak of, but there might be a slight breeze from the southwest.

The southern half of France is supposed to have very lousy weather, but that will concern only one club member. The so–called low in Spain that's supposed to be sending warmth here will be going on the fritz Saturday, when only 20 degrees are expected. However it should be very sunny for the night part Nuit Blanche, which is most of it. If it slops over into Sunday, that part of Nuit Blanche will be quite sunny too, with with a high of only 19. Sounds perfect.

The Talking Isn't Enough of the Week Report

Sometimes when you do a favor for somebody they are so pleased that they immediately get you to do another favor, but bringing folks to club meetings so that they can learn English is not exactly a favor type of social exchange, but rather conforms to the club's rules – alas, so nonexistent these days – I should say, conforms to the overall ethic of the club. Just ask Yoko if it's not so!

photo, katherine, linda, edward, yoko Katherine, Linda, Edward and Yoko.

But this is ahead of myself, ahead of my existential tolerance. When I got to the club's café on this cloudy afternoon without many folks around, I found fair number of them inside having steaming bowls of onion soup. Boy, were they making a racket! I took out today's Le Parisien and read every word about our new president's wife. On the front page it said, " Mais où est passée Cécilia?" The poor lady is being pillaged for not wanting to go to Bulgaria today.

Before I could find any news about the strikes on 18. October or read about the new homeless camping, or all the moans about taxes and the all–purpose faits divers two members presented themselves. These were Marie Mazurchuk from Vancouver and Katherine Weser from Tucson. They say they had a wonderful lunch of frog's legs, lamb and really good wine, but the best part was a French dude at another table, romancing a lady photographer from California. No need to go to movies here!

Which led to discussing Robert Redford's height, which is no more than Paul Newman's. This allowed Marie to say that she had been in a movie made in Vancouver with Harrison Ford, whose height is unknown. She said it was a firebug movie.

photo, reverso texto by edward Edward's reverso–texto style.

Before I could find out how much forest they burned down for it, members Marion and Stephan Nowak arrived from Köln. Marie immediately said, "I know somebody in Hanover" and Katherine was right there too with, "I was there in the same room where the Marshall Plan was signed." At this club there are only four degrees of separation.

It was starting to feel like a bahnhof when the server–lady came in with Edward Wenner from Tegerfelden somewhere in deepest Switzerland. Wherever it is, it is the City of the Week, a true first of a high order.

But first I must explain the term server–lady. For more than a dozen years Linda Thalman made sure that Metropole was on a WWW server, available 24 hours a day worldwide. Downtime might have amounted to less than 48 hours – next to nothing! For this Linda will always be the server–lady. It's a sign of true distinction.

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