Nuit Blanche Wins

photo, nuit blanche, art scene, les olympiades, chinatown Whatever is going on here it's in Chinatown on Nuit Blanche.

All Blacks Lose In Cardiff

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 8. October:–  If I didn't have to go out in the weather I wouldn't find it so enthralling, so endlessly exciting, so delightfully thrilling. I wouldn't take it as a personal affront when it is decidedly crummy, terminally boring and plain mucky. If I didn't have to go out in it I could sit at home, warm and dry, and laugh laugh at the sorry weather forecasts on TV.

Welcome Back the Heat

It just goes to show that it does not matter how long the temperature lurks below 20 degrees after the middle of August, when the heating comes on sometime after the 1st of October – it is certainly welcome after six weeks of dire misery. No hard feelings – it's okay with me if the sun comes out to shine and the temperature tiptoes past 20 degrees – I no longer need to go outside to get warm. It's just a bonus.

In fact, according to tonight's TV– news and weather the temperature outside is now normal for the season. It is, as many readers know, October and normal appears to be about 18 degrees. If the sun is mostly shining this is not a bad temperature at all, so long as there's no wind from the northwest or the north. If there was, they would say 14 – gasp! – is normal.

Here's is what we have on our plate. There's a low over Britain, where it belongs, and this is slopping into northwestern France, causing crud along the Channel. Of course this involves some of that wind, more or less, so we will have a residue of clouds here on Tuesday, with a high of 18 degrees, a so–called normal temperature.

photo, illuminated towers, les olympiades, chinatown Les Olympiades in Chinatown.

A number was given to those breezes from the northwest for Wednesday and it is predicted to be 40 kph. Actually this will blow away the clouds and it will only be semi–cloudy or semi–sunny around here. The tradeoff is a high temperature of one degree less than normal, at 17 degrees.

For Thursday Le Parisien says it will be brumeux more than anything else. Tonight's TV–weather put a different face on it, forecasting a sunny day, pretty much all over France except for the usual autumn rain on the Riviera. A daytime temperature of 17 isn't terrifically wonderful but it's a lot better than a glacial 14 isn't it?

Météo Jim in New Jersey across the Atlantic from Portugal mistakenly thought Ed was on holidays when he only went out for cigarettes and has neglected to send a forecast. For this issue only, take it away me, Météo Ed:–

Pommeland has Usual Humidity

For several weeks now I have been slightly aware that it is very warm in New York where it might even be too warm, towards humid, but all the same the sap is draining out of leaves and half of everybody is wearing their post–summer dresses that are waving in Manhattan's gentle breezes, even if Met's fans are feeling dismal.

Tuesday will be cooler than Monday – you can look it up – but it will be humid, as I feared. Out–of–towners might be surprised that it can be as low as 24 and humid but I assure you that it can be as disagreeable as 96 and humid, possibly with thunder in the evening. In Paris it can even be 18 and humid. It's a fact of life. Polar ice melting causes humidity.

photo, quai de la gare, guinguette pirate Almost a regular Saturday night.

But not to worry! Wednesday will be more cooler and I hope everyone likes normal Paris–type temperatures for it will only be 67.444 degrees. And when it isn't raining it might be drizzling. Thursday should be much better when it is mostly cloudy and there are some possible showers, because the temperature might be 68. Friday is likely to be worse, with possible rain instead of possible showers, and only 65 degrees.

As Météo Jim would say, "A la prochaine, Météo Jim"

Café Life

Nuit Blanche Wins All Blacks Lose

We had Nuit Blanche on Saturday night. Actually I wrote this when it was still night so I guess we had it nearly all night long. I should say, we were having a complete nuit blanche all night long. I was that is.

The weather was good for it. Cool, not cold, not much wind. Smells carried on the air. That was good because I started in Chinatown. It is a place that smells good, makes you hungry.

There is this horrible thing called Les Olympiades that folks live in. It is so bad they put the entry on the first floor and dotted it with restaurants with pagoda roofs, and then they turned them all 45 degrees, making a proper maze of it. The good part was that there are a lot of direction signs. None of them pointed to the new métro station. For that you had to ask.

I don't understand Nuit Blanche. It is something artistic, maybe 400 items, events, scattered around Paris, in the dark, because it's night. In Chinatown – this is Les Olympiades – a couple of towers were used for floor–to–ceiling projections. But the photo on top of this page has me completely confused. I do not know what it's about. I guess it is a metaphor for Nuit Blanche. It reminded me of Blade Runner, without the rain.

photo, the seine, nuit blanche Lights, night, Seine and Saturday.

Take it away, nutbush! There was sound to go with the projections. It sounded like somebody discoursing about how awful it is not to have papers, not to have a place to live, how terrible it is to get deported by Sarkozy. I guess it is something that concerns the residents of Les Olympiades.

This was interrupted at 22:45 when everybody in the 750 closest apartments shouted for joy. The French team beat the mighty All Blacks in Cardiff. Folks were pretty glum on Saturday thinking about losing and getting booted out of the World Cup rugby tournament. Now they can enjoy their Nuit Blanche. All the teenagers raced out to buy 24–packs of beer and set off for the Champs–Elysées.

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