It Had Bubbles In It Too

photo, group of the week, josef, yoko Josef and Yoko, the year's final Group of the Week.

Bonne Année!

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Thursday, 27. December:–  My calendar told me that today's is the last club report of the year, which means that today's meeting was the final one of the year. The club members' booklet told me that today's meeting was the 399th, so that's like a round number, a lucky milestone marker, just the ticket for ending the year in glory. Next Monday the last issue of Metropole will be done on New Year's Eve, the last day of 2007. Obviously this will have a mighty effect on the weather.

France–2 TV news and weather was keeping up the good works tonight by forecasting the coming weather until New Year's Day, next Tuesday. Unfortunately they didn't tell Le Parisien so I was only able to mark the maps until next Monday. It's just as well. No need to know in advance that 2008 is going to begin with crumminess!

Let's see what we have. The good news is that the temperatures have climbed out of the gutter. For the time being those numbers of 5 and below for daytime highs are banished to the recent past. Today was 8 or 9 and felt like it was 6.5. It was cloudy and misty and felt damp and it made my bones rusty, as if wrapped in frigid seaweed.

photo, beer of the weekThe last Beer of the Week.

Tomorrow there will be a big pocket of the same stuff, but it may be just to the east of us. Around here it might be semi–cloudy with sunny occasions, unless that pocket of woe loops over here. A breeze of 50kph is expected from the south–southwest but the temperature was predicted to be 7 degrees.

By Saturday the breeze will freshen a bit, especially up around the Channel, far from hereabouts. The rain loop will have drifted to the southeast, leaving behind some semi–sunny and cloudy skies. You can expect a high of 8 degrees. If we are lucky that's what we'll get.

On Sunday all of France's lousy weather will be east of here, leaving behind semi–brightness in the heavens. The temperature is to slip to a lousy high of 7 though. Next Monday, New Year's Eve, might be semi–good skywise, but the temperature is not expect to exceed a disappointing 6 degrees, almost like the bad old days that will be in the past darn soon.

Bonus Update Not from Météo Jim

Temperatures forecast for New York City are even better than here, until they get worse. Friday will be more cloudy than Thursday because they will be rolling in, but the high will be 8 degrees. A bit of rain on Saturday morning will shoot the temperature up to 12 but clouds and other factors on Sunday will push the high down to 5, until it gets to no more than 4 on Monday, although with some feeble peeps of sun.

The It Had Bubbles In It of the Week Report

Sometime before I wrote the above I trundled off to the final club meeting of the year. At the time, in the afternoon, I was just going to another regular club meeting, slightly wishing I could stay home and play with the Internet. But I wish this every day, so today I did go to the club. On the way I did all the usual things that members and readers have read about hundreds of times, unless they routinely skip it all.

photo, terri's letter Terri's Letter of the Year.

If you do, it's all there in back issues. Today I am going to omit it – but I did it just like every other time, in case you are curious. At the paper kiosk in front of Samaritaine I captured 9 posters, a good haul, although it's doubtful that anyone will see all of them unless you are running around the streets here. I will look for more anyway.

Going into the café Corona the famous Waiter of the Week, Patrick, held me up to hand over two envelopes that had come in. Both from member Terri Blazek in Chicago, one for Yoko and one for me. Starting a club meeting with a surprise is no chore.

Out on the streets there weren't too many folks around. Instead, the ones not riding of the top decks of the sightseeing buses, were in the Grande Salle eating, drinking, smoking, and talking loudly in foreign tongues. I had to squeeze into a little leftover corner to the right of the club's usual location.

photo, josef The new version of Josef.

Then I read the paper for more than a hour. Today's big story was about how some French popstars did well – some newcomers – and how some established ones had flops – except for some oldies from the distant past who used 2007 for surprise comebacks. Johnny Hallyday, of course, was in neither group. He's advertising his final going–away concert, in 2009, already.

The rest of the news, the news news, was on page 23. Le Parisien is a tabloid, with only 32 pages today. Otherwise the news would have been on page 94. Our president, Nicolas Bling–Bling Sarkozy is on holiday in Egypt with his new – fairly new – girlfriend, Carla Bruni. This is worth a feature per day. Today's was about the usual lefties complaining about him flying there on a private jet. It's so Italian!

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