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photo, snack chalet in luxembourg garden A warm chalet in the Luxembourg.

No Issue At All – So Skip It

by Ric Erickson

Paris:– Monday, 21. January:–  I waited all week for a sunny day but there wasn't one, so I went out yesterday with what was available and I was surprised at the numbers of folks walking around – full of lunch and tired of television and video games – refusing to accept a dictated day of gloom.

You Can Bombard Folks

It just goes to show that you can bombard folks with new movies, 88 more TV channels half of them sports, endless music on the Internet, online gaming and all sorts of tube–vous, but they get full of it and just want to walk around where they've walked around thousands of times before gawking at the free sights, pushing bicycles, baby buggies, dragging reluctant dogs, arm–in–arm with bored mistresses in high heels, so because these won't stay home and buy something, anything, we are going to have a recession, because we believe everything that we're told.

photo, medici fountain in luxembourg Winter's black water.

Further off the subject I cannot get. France–2 had a wonderful weather map for Tuesday. There was a squeeze of gray–gloom bulging in from the northeast and a companion bulge pushing up from the southwest, and in a diagonal centre stretching from northwest to southeast there is to be some half–hearted semi–blue skies not filled 100% with overcast in the afternoon. The high might even be 10 degrees.

On Wednesday the bulgy lump will be all the way to the southeast and all the rest of France will be expecting crumminess, also with a temperature of 10 degrees. By Thursday the utter crumminess will have compressed itself into the northwest, and it will blank the Channel area as is right and proper. Around here it might be semi–okay, the temperature will bound up to 11 degrees, and we will be kicking our heels in the streets.

Just on time, a day early, Météo Jim our fearless predictor of heavenly phenoms, has posted yet another courageous prediction that includes that dreaded word, recession. His grip on the weather situation, in contrast, is solid:–

Ugh, Ugh, Ugly

The two biggest weather related events are the snow that fell in the Deep South. Some places received almost 3 a–inches of la neige. From the Midwest to the East, temperatures will rise to about 0 a–grad to the low 20s a–grad and wind chills from -20 a–grad to 0 a–grad. Once again, the European Temperature Translator Union is on strike, protesting the inhuman conditions.

photo, sign, pelouse interdit

As for Pommeland, the winter that sometimes continues to be still continues to sometimes be. There was about an inch of snow Thursday night which changed to rain followed by sun and temperatures in the mid 40s on Friday. A cold front will arrive this weekend and drop temperatures into the mid 20s during the day. Monday is Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday which means that banks, federal, state and local government offices are closed. With the economy in a recession, nobody knows if the cold and lack of money and bargains will keep people from buying and end the recession that technically doesn't exist. Temperatures will rise into the mid 30s next week but as the thermometer rises, rain, snow and schnain will fall. That will be all.

A la prochaine, Météo Jim

Café Life

No Issue At All

I didn't ask him to but Uncle phoned today and commenced to rant and rave about the gray skies. I was standing in front of my big windows overlooking the dreary cemetery of Montparnasse pretending I was looking towards the mountains across the harbor from Vancouver, but of course they are shrouded in mist and fog, aren't they?

photo, angle building

He had a good answer for that. He said, "I'm going to Italy on Thursday." He said he is going to Genoa to sit by the dock of the bay. According to tonight's weather, if the Monte Carlo Rallye has been run, then it will be sunny down there. You can say what you want but I say he is not running away, but running towards decent spaghetti.

But don't pay any attention to me. I am keeping busy, doing my audio researches. I would be doing pool research if I had any place to put one. Instead I read all about one amplifier and then I read that it might not have enough horsepower, or about speakers that are wonderful, but they aren't sold here. You could pass weeks doing this.

A friend once said that you could have the best hifi setup in the world but only after your ears were too old to hear it. He said the same about cars – when you can afford a Porsche supercar you'll probably be too blind to drive. Good stuff is wasted on the prematurely rich.

photo, empty street

So, excuse me. I have to get up early to continue my researches. If this seems like a kind of skimpy issue, just consider that without this little bit to hold the photos together, there would be no issue at all. I wonder where the photos came from.

Soldes for You in Paris

Bring money for winter sales,, and in return Paris is going to give you a big discount. That's right! On Wednesday, 9. January the Soldes d'Hiver took off and continue until February, until the 16th, which is the Saturday following Valentine's Day, slightly before election day. Discounts will run to huge or more on some items. First–come first–served even if you aren't a shopper. Seeing Parisians in riot mode for something other than freebies will be something to remember.

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