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In short, the economies of Europe's two biggest countries are in the doldrums solely in order to conform to some magic number agreed upon by all some years ago. Instead of one country being goofy about its money, 15 of them are hung-up on this issue.

Chancellor Kohl is not known for being a push-over and he is even thinking of running for an unprecedented fifth term; but I think he can safely 'give in' if he can get all 14 of Germany's partners to 'gang-up' on him. If 1920's-style inflation is the result, he can say it is not his fault; 'outsiders did it to Germany.'

On the other hand, if he doesn't 'give in,' then 350 million Europeans can thank this block-head for continued hard times while the rest of the world scoots on to or continues its prosperity.

French comment on TV about Jospin, suggested that in one short week he had at least managed to get the 'rule change' into a starting gate for discussion, after it had laid dead in the water for years.

Sports News Re-Unsuspended: Shorties -

Le Mans:- When you hear it is the weekend of the 24-hour endurance race at Le Mans, be sure to not leave home without an umbrella. This year was no exception, even if there wasn't actually at least a 12-hour downpour during the race.

As usual, hundreds of thousands of fans, or people who like to camp out in wet conditions near a very loud racetrack, went down to the place. Some of them saw a lot of cars start bravely off, and Crowd at 24 Hours of Le Mans some diehards may have seen about 17 cars finish the race - especially if they stayed home and watched it on TV.

A lot of fans turned out to watch annual Le Mans race, for 24 hours.

It must be one of the toughest races in the calendar. Each car has three drivers, but the car itself runs for 24 hours. The car which has run furthest at the end of the time, wins. Parts of the race are on local roads around Le Mans, and parts are on some sort of racetrack. The top cars cruise at Formula One speeds and a lot of them wear out doing this.

This year was the 65th edition of the classic race, and it had more ex-Formula One drivers than usual. The actor, Paul Neuman, was also a co-driver of a winning car some years ago: and there are a great variety of cars in the race - not just full-bore prototype racers built for this one event.

The Waiter's Race is one I've always wanted to see, but I'm not sure of my motives for doing so, as it seems to be cruel and unusual punishment to expect a bar-café waiter the annual Paris waiter's race who has been waiting on people all week or all year, to make a race of it on purpose on what might be a day off.

The waiter isn't supposed to hold the bottle - but then he shouldn't be racing on Sunday either.

Yet every year there is the waiters and waitress' race in Paris in June at this time, and they start from the Hôtel de Ville, run around town, and finish at the Hôtel de Ville. While doing this tour, they carry a typical tray with a glass and, I think, a fake bottle of cognac, and if they drop them - I don't know. If they are not disqualified, it slows them down.

I wanted to go out one year and see La Palette's - mentioned last week - Jean-François run, but if I remember correctly something happened the night before and I couldn't make it.

Mud Marathon is the only way to describe today's running of the... marathon, someplace in France; where the contestants run across a bay while the tide is out - some of it - and try to run back before it comes in. I think they said the winner does it in about 90 minutes and crosses the finish-line with dry shoes; while the slower 'runners' finish by swimming.

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