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Mainly from now until summer, but also running into early next year, there will be eight other Delacroix exhibitions; two in Paris, and one in Chantilly, Rouen, Tours, Bayonne, Versailles and Saint-Maurice in the Val-de-Marne.

Musée Maurice Utrilloutrillo - sannois

While staying in Dr. Revertégat's clinic in the years from 1912 to 14, Maurice Utrillo discovered the village of Sannois. In its calm and peaceful surroundings he painted 150 scenes from the village and the area surrounding it. Today, Sannois' museum has an exhibition of 30 of Utrillo's paintings, and a reconstruction of his atelier, a collection of documents and an audio-visual show about his life.

Le Musée Maurice Utrillo
Place du Général Leclerc, Sannois. Next to the new City Hall - Mairie. From Paris, take the Argenteuil-Nord or Franconville exits off the A15. Open daily except Mondays, from 10:00 to 17:00. Info. Tel.: 01 39 98 21 13.

Marché Parisian de la Création

market of the creatorsOn the boulevard Edgar-Quinet, near the Gare Montparnasse, there is an open-air art market. This is where the regular market is held during the week. Every Sunday, from 10:00 to 19:00. Check it out; it sounds like it might be fun. If it turns out to be hard work, there are a lot of big cafés at the place Edgar-Quinet

Still On Show:

Salon de la Maquette On Another Week

This one has quietly snuck up on me, and there will be a report about it for next week's issue. This modelling and games show continues until Monday, 13. April. This salon is interesting to non-modelers for things like the flying objects such as helicopters and rockets, and for seeing the tools modelers use. Hours are from 10:00 to 19:00; on Friday, 10. April, until 22:00. At Paris-Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris 15.

Henri Cernuschi, Voyageur et Collectionneur

From 1871 to 1873, Henri Cernuschi toured the far east, together with the art critic, Théodore Duret. Cernuschi came back with a large collection of oriental treasures, and he had a townhouse built by the Parc de Monceau to house it. His collection influenced French artists and artisans of the time, and was especially famous for its Japanese bronzes, as well as those of China and Korea.

Musée Cernuschi
7. avenue Vélasquez, Paris 8. This is at the northern end of the Parc de Monceau. From Wednesday, 8. April until 21. June. Open daily from 10:00 to 17:40, except Mondays and holidays. Entry: 30 francs. Info. Tel.: 01 45 63 50 75.

Les Nouvelles Plaisirs de Versailles

Already started and running until 9. July, are a series of concerts at the Château de Versailles. These include works by Jean-Sébastien Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Pleyel, Berlioz, Rossini, Schubert, and a long list of other names. Performances are of classical favorites and of contemporary works.

At the Opéra Royal, see 'Les Femmes Savantes' by Molière and 'Les Caprices de la Danse' which is a ballet, done in the style of the court of Louis XV. Info. Tel.: 01 30 83 78 78.

Brigitte Terziev Continues

For people who take in poetry through their eyes, the work of this 1997 Bourdelle Prize winner, will offer something a bit more than words.

Exhibition: until 5. July. From 10:00 to 17:40, except Mondays and public holidays.
Musée Bourdelle
16. rue Antoine Bourdelle, Paris 15. Métro: Falguière
Info. Tel.: 01 49 54 73 73.

Printemps Vietnamien

The following exhibitions fall within the over-all framework of the 'Printemps Vietnamien,' to be held mainly at Les Halles, and lasting until 20. June. Friday, 20. March:

'Lumières - Laques, Lavis, et Aquarelles du maître laqueur Nguyen Van Minh.' His show can be seen at the Mairie of the 2nd Arrondissement, 8. rue de la Banque, Paris 2. From Friday, 20. March until Thursday, 30. April. Info. Tel.: 01 42 61 55 02.

Paris-Hanoï-Saigon, l'Aventure de l'Art Moderne au Vietnam Pavillon des Arts from Saturday, 21. March until Sunday, 17. May. At 101. rue Rambuteau, Paris 1. Info. Tel.: 01 42 33 82 50.

La Photographie Vietnamienne
Espace Photographique des Halles, from Friday, 20. March until Wednesday, 20. May. At the Forum des Halles, Place Carrée, Paris 1. Info. Tel.: 01 40 26 87 12.

Rencontres et Programmations Musicales
Médiathèque Musicale de Paris at the Forum des Halles. Info. Tel.: 01 42 33 20 50.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 2.14 - 7. April 1997 featured the columns - Café Metropole - 'A Little Bit About Paris, Texas ' andcount down Eiffel Tower 'Au Bistro' had - 'France to 'Beat Clock' to Century's End.' The articles in the issue were 'The Freak Brothers are Alive in Paris!' - 'Highs and Lows in Belleville' and 'Parisians Mob Annual Model Show.' The eMail from Michael McKinnon was about '20 Minutes Time for a Café Terrace.' There were two 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'A "Not Quite Dead" Reject.'

Regards, Ric
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