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What is being planned are license plates; not necessarily driver's licenses. Below a certain size, and below certain ages, a driver's permit is not necessary.

Paris' police prefect, Philippe Massoni, thinks requiring vehicle plates will make the two-wheeler drivers more responsible - because, with plates, the cowboys will be identifiable.

This overlooks one item. People who do not have driver's licenses have not passed driving tests. Parked scooters are harmless; they can only get into trouble when somebody is driving them on the roads with all the other traffic. A licenseless scooter driver doesn't need to fear losing a license he doesn't have.

Euro Elections

If the French - some of the French, that is - seem a bit distracted these days it is because they are creating new political parties with which to contest the approaching elections for the Euro parliament.

So far, I think I saw that there are now 20 parties in France. In the muddled mainstream, there are six parties which are leftist and seven that have right-wing tendencies. These include groups at the furthest ends of the scale from extreme to moderate.

'Les Verts' are getting strong media play because they have a government minister in their ranks and they also have the - very - active campaigning of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who is also a leader of the 'Grünen' in Frankfurt - not to mention that Germany's foreign minister is the national leader of the 'Greens' party there.

With all the excitement over the recent German election result, and the new government's decision to ease itself out of relying on nuclear power, Red Danny has had some problems during campaigning.

Workers at France's nuclear reprocessing factory were not amused by the German decision to tear up their contract for treating nuclear junk. When Danny showed up to promote 'Les Verts' and being a charter member of 'Die Grünen,' his welcome was a lot less than frosty.

But since then, he has been getting good turnouts in the centre of France where there is less pollution and more people who want to keep it that way.

Another thing that bothers both the left and the right about Danny, is that he talks a lot of common sense and does it like a common citizen - even if he is good at it. At political meetings, he doesn't sit behind the table on the podium - he sits on the table, at the front of it.

For Serious Party People - But Out of Town

'Out of town' is Grafinger Straße 6, behind the Ostbahnhof in Munich and the name of the place is Kunstpark Ost. Under a roof covering 80,000 square metres, there are 30 clubs and 42 beer joints, and a lot of naked people.

Four years ago Munich was shutting down. Residents got tired of the noise from beer-gardens, from the exhibition centre and the bierfest, from traffic, from the airport; they wanted everybody - raus! - in bed by 22:00. But this is not Munich's style at all.

The one-time Pfanni noodle factory became the 'Kunstpark Ost' as an over- reaction, so it has excessively overreached other well-known German party zones such as the Fabrik in Hamburg and the Hackeschen Höfe in Berlin.

On evenings and weekends, 20,000 people ready to party fill the 'Kunstpark,' and by sheer numbers make widely different unmixable scenes, into one big soup of a party in places like the Bongo Bar - this is true! - and Ultraschall, one of Europe's highest-rated clubs - rated for loudness, I think.

Nobody dares to complain about modest little beer-gardens anymore, but there probably are more than a couple of people living near the Ostbahnhof who are counting the days until the 'Kunstpark's' lease expires, on 31. December 2000. No reservations necessary, come as you are, come soon, and open all night. Prosit!

Finally - the Flood News

As of last Wednesday, the expresswaysphoto: seine at bougival along the Seine through Paris were closed on account of high water in the river. For some reason, the 'normal' level of the river is calculated as 0.82 metres at Suresnes.

The 'flood news' photo is on the Café page. This is the day-after non-flood news photo; taken at Bougival.

When the level hits 3.3 metres, the roadways ny the Seine are closed. Last Tuesday, the level was measured as 3.6 metres. In this century, the highest level was 8.62 metres and this was in 1910. This level would come up to the shoulders of the statue of the Zouave at the Pont de l'Alma.

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