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Email from Richard O. Miller, via the Internet: Monday, 10. May 1999:-


I can see it now... Club Metropole... "of all the bars in all the cities in the world.." etc. Your idea for a club is great, and we will be looking for you sometime during the week of December 20th, since significant other - Cheryl - and I are going to be in Paris for the New Year. I'll add Club Metro to the list of places to visit. The list now includes Musée de la Marine, and a couple of the cafés which you flaunt every week in your pictures. As an amateur photographer, I really enjoy the pictures you include in your 'zine.

Email from Barbara J. Rowley, via the Internet: Monday, 10. May 1999:-

Dear Ric,

Café Metropole - bon idée! Too late for me this year. We'll be in Paris in June, but good to know about in the future.

Email from Walter Conway, via the Internet: Monday, 10. May 1999:-

Ric, I love the idea of the 'club.' Sign me up. One problem, though... those - fortunate - of us who actually got to spend quality time with you in person can no longer can lord it over other Metropole readers... sniff! Another victory for the virtual - versus the real - world.

Email from T. Nguyen, via the Internet: Monday, 10. May 1999:-


What a wonderful idea! I propose that you start 'the meeting' in late June since I am going to be in Paris then and would like to meet you. Sounds so self-serving, doesn't it!

Email from Leigh Gadell-Newton, via the Internet: Tuesday, 11. May 1999:-

Hi Ric,

The idea for a 'Café Metropole Club' sounds like a good one... count me in for the occasional Thursdays when I'm in Paris. It would be fun to hear about what you're planning to scope out that week. And selfish motive... as much as I love speaking - bad - French, there are times when I just need a good fix of English! So I end up travelling into the city to talk to Americans. Keep us all posted on your plans for start-up.

Email from Janet, via the Internet: Tuesday, 11. May 1999:-

Bonjour Ric,

Wish you were going to have the cafe right away. We will have to catch you another time. We are going to spend a month in Tours studying French, starting in June. We are in Paris several times a year so would enjoy having a place to stop by and say hi.

PS. Which cafe are you thinking of using for your headquarters, Sir?

Email from Joanne Melanson, via the Internet: Tuesday, 11. May 1999:-

Ric -

Like the idea of 'the cafe' a lot. I'm going to be in Paris in June which probably will be a little too soon for you. However, if I know where and when, I'll be sure to stop by and say, "bonjour". I've enjoyed reading Metropole, especially back issues whenever I have the time. Thanks for the very interesting read.

Email from Mike Annis, via the Internet: Tuesday, 11. May 1999:-

I'm a little sheepish writing you after over a year of reading Metropole. I should have commented earlier on the enjoyment and useful information you've given me.

We try to get over once a year and I'm always furiously doing research, restaurants, gossip, exhibits, and whatever Paris may be obsessing over at anyphoto: ice cream, la corona particular time. I in fact used your archives to plot out what to do on New Years' '99. La Coupole was great fun but we also hit the Alcazar - the cross dressing cigarette girl had my wife in stitches.

If the 'Club's' café is like this one, your kids can break their ice cream budgets with ease.

Enough about all the good info in virtual Paris. As we plan on going to Bordeaux in September and will pass through Paris on our trek back to California, it would be marvelous to meet you in the flesh at your 'Club.' I hope you pull it off, and it becomes a regular event for you and your readers to meet. I, for one, think its a brilliant idea.

Email from 'Palissy,' via the Internet: Thursday, 13. May 1999:-


I'm a Japanese fan and always enjoy the M.P. My name is Kaoru Ichijo. Metropole Club? Really good idea! I would like to join it. I've been to Paris three times - but not for brand shopping. I like to visit museums and my favorite places. Someday I hope to see M.P.C's stuff in Paris. Thank you for sending me nice and practical news from Paris. So, see you later at the M.P.C. in Paris! Good-by.

Email from Craig Tredeau, via the Internet: Thursday, 13. May 1999:-

Bonjour Ric,

I love your idea of the Cafe Metropole Club and would love to be a charter member but I assume that means I have to show up in person at the Cafe? With the recent birth of our son it doesn't look like we'll be doing any long distance traveling for a while. One of these days I would like to return to Paris and meet you in person.

Email from Anne Woodyard, via the Internet: Friday, 14. May 1999:-

The real Club Metropole - a great idea! Next time we're in Paris on a Thursday - after you get started - we'll stop by!

And Ric Says:

Metropole Paris fans are too much! After this outpouring of good feelings, you are going to get the 'Café Metropole Club' you deserve - right downtown - at the centre of your interest, in Paris.

Thank you all.

Regards, Ric

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