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Everybody, that is, except the 11 percent of the population that is still officially unemployed today.

A Bad Internet Day

While I am worrying about the speed of my hunt-and-tap efforts with the keyboard and the impossibility of making this magazine's deadline; unknown to me, the Internet is having one of its 'bad days.'

Long-time Internet users will know what these are. For those of you who may have recently logged on - who have been convincedphoto: la soubise that the Internet is an all-powerful wonder of modern techno - the fact is, sometimes its 'logy' gets tangled up in its wires.

La Soubise is a good spot for spending 'Bad Internet Days.'

This comment has been added on Monday - sometime after the deadline - we have had a power failure on Monday at the server. Low-tech this; the cleaning lady plugged the vacuum-cleaner into the wrong socket.

Thirty minutes later all the servers have been re-booted and then it is discovered that in-and-out access is dropping dead at Saint-Quentin, only a few kilometres up the road from the server. Nothing to do with the cleaning lady.

Meanwhile in Paris, as I upload pages of the new issue, the Internet seems very irregular, plus it tells me Metropole doesn't exist. So I switch from the Web to the mailserver, and send in the pages that way. About the meltdown in Saint-Quentin I am ignorant - so the emailed pages arrive nowhere.

After I finish another page, it goes successfully through to the server via the Web. I must have slipped through a keyhole somewhere because a little later I get a phone call from the server-lady, Linda Thalman, who says Saint-Quentin is still in the garbage can.

These 'bad Internet days' happen often enough so they are almost routine. No need for panic! Sooner or later we will be back online. Always. Even if the Y2K bug brings us to our knees, we will be back online soon. Do not adjust your set, do not change stations.

Everybody will be back online, just as soon as this 'bad Internet day' is over - which may be 15 minutes from now. We don't lose much sleep over these things, but our life-expectancy will be reduced somewhat.

French Web Life

While the rest of France made a big to-do about our planet finally reaching a theoretical population of six billion human beings during the week - not counting ants, pinheads and mosquitos of course - Paris' Grande Galerie de l'Evolution started an exhibition with the title, 'Pas Si Bêtes! 1000 Cerveaux, 1000 Mondes.' Actually this item should be on the 'Scene' page, so here is the Web version, which will be online until 10. July 2000. Imagine - there are 1000 brains around!

'Pagina' Update

While lawyers consult whatever it is they consult about tricky cases, the online French Lit. Mag. 'Pagina' has found a temporary home on the Web, apparently hosted by one of Paris' earliest and liveliest 'cybercafés, the WebBar.

Although Pagina's new home may be temporary, the new URL is already on Metropole's links page - so you won't get any '404's from it. This timely Web site has had a link here sincephoto: glaces, sorbets & crepes the Salon du Livre of 1997 and keeping it up-to-date is important in these censorious times.

On Wednesday, 20. October, Philippe di Folco, who runs Pagina, will be the host of a debate about censorship on the Web, direct from the WebBar in Paris. Check it out.

URL Shorties - Science with a capital 'S' hits the Web in France on the occasion of 'La Semaine de la Science,' which runs from Monday, 18. October until the following Sunday, 24. October. The Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology - or MENRT for short - has a Web site where you can find out about everything that is going on throughout France, techno-wise. This will be a 'bijou' for industrial spies. Some free and practical information is available, such as weather, the bourse, horoscopes or the Paris traffic report, at Webfute, which has links to various free sources. All you want to know about the theatre; especially what is playing and what you should see, is presented by the new site, Webthea. The site also offers links to other theatre-related sites. The 8th Prix Möbius France 1999 ran off on Friday, 15. and Saturday, 16. October at the Cité des Sciences. This effort saluted the best multimedia productions for the past year. Suggestions for these Web site references have been supplied by 'Internet Actu.'

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