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For my part, I am going to try to answer any questions you may have. Do not be surprised if for every question you ask me, I ask you one. Do not be surprised if I ask for your permission to take your photo and run it in Metropole Paris, along with my version of your story. This part is not compulsory; a simple 'no thanks' will be sufficient to maintain your privacy.

For readers who are unable to attend 'Club' sessions, do not be surprised to see accounts of these encounters appear in Metropole Paris. The magazine's normal weekly edition will continue to appear as usual on Mondays, but the weekly 'Club' meeting 'report' will be added as an update to it on Thursdays.

The Café Metropole Club Has No Rules

'Rulelessness' is a brand-new 'Club' policy, introduced 10 minutes ago, by decree. There are two only 'humble suggestions' for the 'Café Metropole Club.'

The first is that I will be in the 'Club' at 15:00 every Thursday. But with Paris being the way it is, please take into account the usual unreliable fates - if you look out of a window and see an unforseen natural disaster happening, there will probably be no club meeting, if the day happens to be a Thursday.

The second 'suggestion' is that everything you consume at the club is your responsibility. You may consider this to be the club's membership 'dues.' There will be no pressure to consume anything. If you prefer not to, nobody is going to notice except possibly our waiter, who earns his livelihood at La Corona.

Club meetings will officially end at 17:00, which will release all of us from these tedious formalities.

In theory, I have to return to the editorial kitchen table of the magazine to prepare an account of the day's meeting for immediate online publication. Inphoto: ric mugshot practice, if nobody shows up, I can go to a gallery looksee, eat cheese, drink wine party instead. These often begin around 18:00 in Paris, although they are rare on Thursdays.

Just before putting this article online, I have received an email communication from some people who claim to be non-present club members.

Your host, me, the Ed.

They seem to have voted on the 'minutes' of the recent - and first! - club meeting, and have accepted them. The 'move to accept' was made by Dale, seconded by Billy, and a 'Frank' is mentioned as a 'new' member.

As the Ed of a new club I guess I have to accept these 'accepted minutes.' I would look it up in the club's rules if there were any - because I'm not sure if these 'accepted' minutes are legal in certain states. In case they are not, I decree that they are okay in Minnesota at least.

Café Metropole Club Services

At the moment these still amount to none. But this is your club as much as it is mine; so I expect there will be suggestions for services. If these are possible to implement then they will become available.

We are starting out with two 'suggestions' but otherwise everything else is a blank. Together we will make up the transitory details of the 'Club' and together we will see what becomes of it.

Last week I wrote that Groucho Marx said he wouldn't join a club that would have him as a member. The first edition of the Café Metropole Club proved to be as agreeably haphazard as I had hoped for; enough so that even Groucho Marx would want to join, so long as he didn't have to come to it. The only person required to attend its meetings is me. If you want to avoid me, you now know where not to go next Thursday.

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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