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The Salon de Mariage is not quite the same. As Heather points out, "What do I want to do that for? I just got married." In France, there are extra-special marriage bon-bons to be sampled, but I forget to tell her this.

Jan Shaw tells us the only reason for having kids is to get control of the grandkids. It is supposed to be the reward for having kids in the first place - but most of us do not have any experience with this. From photo: club winea kid's point of view, going to Disneyland with grandparents might be a better deal than going with parents.

Not a new way of having 'Coke Light,' but an old way of having vin rouge.

Then, because nobody has guessed, Kathleen proudly announces that it is her 40th birthday. The big four-oh. She says '40' three more times and grins as if she's won 100 francs playing the Millionaire scratch cards.

Nobody has ever had a birthday at the club before and I haven't anticipated this happening, so there is no cake or funny hats, no champagne and music, no candles! - but Halloween was only a few days ago and I guess everybody did birthday-type stuff then. Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

About here my notes deteriorate. It is Eveline Aron, I think, who says she doesn't live right in Albany, but in LeRoy - which is the hometown of 'Jello.'

This is almost too astonishing to be true. So much so, that I don't get the details of this wonder - 'Jello' has a hometown! - and my brain is reeling from the possibilities of it, when she tops this by saying, "There are better gadgets in Europe."

Eveline grew up in Europe and worked in a Spitfire factory during the war, so I guess if this is her opinion it may very well be true.

Kathleen amazes her mother by describing a typical tiny European combo wash-drying machine, built to fit into the average European-sized closet; the kind that Europeans habitually insist on calling apartments.

I refrain from saying these miniature washing machines usually use a lot of power heating the water they use, and have 90 minute to two-hour cycles - just for the washing. For the drying part, I think they send the stuff to Majorca - so overall, they are a bit slow.

If case you are thinking of rushing to Europe to pickphoto: club group up neat gadgets, I should warn you about a couple of things. I think Eveline has mistaken some very tiny European cars for gadgets - such as the 'Smart,' co-built by Mercedes and the watch company, Swatch, which is famous for watches full of tiny parts.

From left, clockwise to right: Veronica, Kathleen, Heather, Jan, Eveline, Dana, Claire and Mark.

While this car is truly tiny, European garages are not large. The fact is, in many cases local drivers have to push their cars into garages because if they drive them in, there isn't enough room to open the doors to get out.

The typical 'L'-shaped doorhandles are also very keen on tearing pockets off jackets or ripping sleeves to shreds as you pass them, but I'm not sure these fall into the 'gadget' category.

We were saddened to learn that Heather will not be with us next Thursday because she going to work for the online version of 'Elle' magazine - she was supposed to start today but she got it put off until tomorrow.

She did say she would try to get the entire editorial crew - all nifty neaties from New York - to change their hours so they could all come. She may do it too - she left with Claire before the talk got around to grandkids.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

Next Thursday, 11. November, is Armistice Day and a public holiday in most parts of Europe. I expect the café La Corona meeting place will be open as usual, so the time for it remains from 15:00 to 17:00. I will confirm this and if there is any change, I will post it in next Monday's regular edition of Metropole. The place is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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