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President Clinton Meets the 'Socialist International'

This is a story from TV-news, because it seems to have escaped Le Parisien - which is not on strike.

After last week's meeting of the 'Socialist International' at La Défense, a whole herd of Euro-leaders trooped off for a conference in Istanbul, which was about something to do with Russia, I think.

Somewhere along the line, President Clinton joined the whole group. Either this or after the Istanbul thingphoto: lafayette's tree was over. After, the heads of the 'Socialist International' had another meeting - this time somewhere in Italy, for some other reason.

The United States' President was prominent at this - most recent meeting, in Italy - because he was the only one not wearing a dark suit - and because he appeared to be the only non-Socialist to attend it.

The traditional Galeries Lafayette tree, under the store's regular dome.

This is only worth mentioning because a recent correspondent to this magazine flatly stated that President Clintion is a Socialist.

I had always been under the impression that he is a card-carrying member of the US Democratic Party, of which I believe he may be also the leader, and this political party has nothing whatsoever to do with the Socialist Party, USA - which was not invited to any of these 'Socialist International' meetings.

In Italy, it was plain to see that Mr. Clinton is not a Socialist, because his suit - and shirt, and tie! - were different colors from Socialist costumes. Even Britain's Tony Blair - the nearly right-wing Socialist - was wearing a Socialist suit, shirt and tie.

What these meetings were about, I have no idea, because I did not catch the initials by which they are known.

French Web Life This Week

Rando Fever Goes Cyber

Actually 'rando' means 'randonnée' in French, which simply means walking around. If with a destination in mind, then this is a serious 'sport' in France. There is a Web site devoted to it, along the lines of 'All You Ever Wanted To Know About Rando Fever.' Careful though, this site is a heavy loader or otherwise somewhat slow.

Le Maroc de Matisse

This is a current exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, but I don't know anything about it except for what I see on its posters in the underground darkness of the métro. The Institut's Web site has it all - and 'Flash' as well - which is possibly why they don't send me the press releases as they have promised to do.

Another French Region Goes Online

A truly wonderful thing about the Web are these 'regional' sites such as this one for Rhône-Alpes. In addition to featuring its cities - Grenoble, Lyon, Annecy, Avignon and Chambéry - it also has information concerning over 2,200 other places in the area. Rich in local lore, it also has news, classified ads, and touring information.

Worried About the 'Y2K' Bug?

The UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office has assembled a list of risky 2000-Bug countries, and yours may be on it. The whole list counts 133 countries, from Zimbabwe's Cadillac Ranch - it has one too! - to Angola, which is just next door. The practical side of this is knowing that Singapore - just for one example - intends to shut down its ferry fleet from 23:30 on Friday, 31. December until 00:15 on Saturday, 1. January 2000; and all but 10 percent of its civil aviation systems are ready for the next millennium.

The Internet and Tourism

photo: printempsErkki Liikanen thinks the Internet will force the tourism industries to change the way they do business; with a public more and more online. As Metropole readers well know, this is a worldwide public - so Web operations for it cannot be an isolated ghetto within [nearly] obsolete 'national boundaries.' Find out what the 'experts' at the 'European' level are thinking about this.

Printemps has two sets of balloons; one has '1999' and the other, '2000.'

Shorties: - The TV-guide magazine 'Télérama' and the city's 'Forum des Images' have organized the 4th Multimedia Festival, which intends to show off the best French CD-ROM productions of the year. This can't be done without the Web, so check this festival out - it continues until Wednesday. France Télécom's ' Voilà' is testing the waters of the robot-translation act. Try changing Metropole into French or German - for a little snicker. I accidently threw out my copy of Le Parisien with next year's 'Tour de France' map on its back page. See it here; see it now before it's too late!

Some of the suggestions for these Web site references have been supplied by 'Internet Actu.'

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