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Two other foreign 'suits' were chosen by the French to be in the top ten. They were Giovanni Agnelli of Fiat fame, who was outvoted by Aristotle Onassis, of plain fame.

Strike Warning

Normally I do not post 'strike warnings' because most of the time there is no warning of any kind. When managers are having difficult times with their employees, they never bother to tell the public that they are going to let a situation deteriorate to the point of zero.

photo: brasserie le luxembourgHowever, employees often know a strike will hurt them so they tend to 'go public' as a way of putting pressure on employers to be a little more reasonable.

After two days on non-stop rain, everybody came out today and some brought their balloons.

This is apparently the case at the moment at Disneyland-Paris. Six unions have jointly suggested they will be walking out soon if Disney management keeps dragging its feet on the 35-hour work week issues.

Disney would like to get serious after the holiday season and the unions would like to get serious before Disney can count the receipts from the holiday season.

French Web Life This Week

Anyone For Food?

All you wanted to know about what people in Timbuktu eat for Christmas you can find out by hitting the 'Tastes' site, which also features the recipes too - helpful unless you live in the US and need certain ingredients from France.

Anyone For Brain Food?

Editions Atlas, which is a big encyclopedia publisher got tired of selling 10-franc versions on CD-ROMs for 700 francs, and had put an 11,000-article encyclopedia online.

Consulting it is free after a registration procedure. Searches can be done by keywords, or there are 13 overall themes to chose from. 'Webencyclo' is something you should bookmark if you have to look things up, and don't mind a few banner ads too much.

What IS In a Name?

If your name is Noël and you want to have email addressed to you at noel@noel.net, you can do this by paying the modest sum of five francs a month to Noël Net. If your name happens to be Santa Claus, you need not bother doing this, because you've got too many emails to answer already.

Where Is Christmas, Anyway?

The newspaper Le Progrès de Lyon has put together a Web site for children that has everything about Christmas traditions, from Iceland to Italy. Christmas, like Halloween, has its various origins - such as 13 Santa Claus's - or is it Pères Noël, who are almost as famous as the Smith Brothers.

France and Canada, United

These two countries have more in common than green pea soup, so there is a bit of a crossover when it comes to the 'History and Ancient Traditions of Father Christmas,' or the Pères Noël as they are referred to in places where the Smith Brothers are not well-known, such as Québec and downtown France.

Metropole Has No Exclusive On Food

What do other people eat for Christmas? At one time most people were so busy eating their Christmas fare that the question would not have arisen. Now, everybody eats so fast that they have time to wonder about what other people eat - except the French, of course, who still eat a lot and slowly enough to enjoy every morsel.

Shorty: - All you wanted to know about French beef is answered by a Web site that wants to sell you some. At least, this is what I gather from their ad in Le Parisien.

Some of the suggestions for these Web site references have been supplied by 'Internet Actu.'

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