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Last Sunday I went past his corner, and changed my mind about walking the 15 metres to the top of the stairs of his street. If I'd done it, I'd have a beautiful photo of his roof too.

From right, Linda and Berta, who are playing their next moves.

Um - club news. Scoop Maginniss has a three-quarter full La Corona salad, so it is the 'Food of the Week' even if it has no eggs in it. Scoop has no 'horse of the week' for us out at Vincennes, nor any copy of Paris-Turf. There are probably logs on the track.

Berta has the same salad as Scoop without everything except lettuce, so it only comes close to being 'rabbit food of the week,' but rabbit food is not official club nomenclature - it is rather more like nihility.

Rather suddenly, all of the civilians and their pets, baby carriages, babies, and small children disappear. Just like magic they are gone.

Over at Trocadéro, Berta tells me, there are these fat cats that live in houses there and eat off paper plates. All of us; I really mean all of us, try to think up some other name for cat houses for about 20 seconds.

I forget to tell her about the queen or something that called the place a bottle-house once because Maréchal de Bassompierre liked his highlife there.

We have a long discussion about the 'best' places to see the New Years celebrations in Paris tomorrow night. At the moment, on account of the weather outside, this is a hard call to make.

Either the weather will be so bad everybody stays home and watches New Years in other places on TV, thus leaving poor visiting souls lots of room to stand close to the Tour Eiffel getting rain downphoto: linda gephart their necks until the fireworks show is called off on account of rain - or - Parisians will come out of their warm cubby holes and churn the Champ de Mars into a mudbath.

My suggestion of trying the Pont de Grenelle is, now I think of it, not a good one for walking to the Champs-Elysées afterwards. Better might be the Quai de New York, on the right bank. That is, if it isn't underwater.

A front-view of Linda, with a big smile for excessive flash-in-the face.

I see I have other interesting notes here about Air France hospitality in London and non-virtual people riding around Paris is real red buses, but neglected to note who said what.

Mark, who sometimes claims to be a coffee nut - ah, not 'nut' - but rabid, er, fan, says, "Four bucks a cup!" about Starbucks coffee, adding, "They don't keep it around; everyphoto: not club drink half hour they dump it and make some new!"

"Like McDonald's," says Linda Gephart, who has forgotten I forgot to answer her email.

It is after five and the club's meeting dissolves. Berta loses her gloves for five minutes and finds them in her bag, where she put them so she wouldn't lose them.

Orangina is not the club's 'drink of the week,' but may have a chance next summer.

The butterfly brooch that Susan Fuss lost last week, has not been found by anybody who works for La Corona - unless it was an earring and not a brooch. The 'butterfly' part is not in La Corona's lost and found department.

As you will realize by now, membership is still climbing steadily and the variety of 'Cities of the Week' is increasing as are the countries hosting these cities - in today's case, Canada - which I believe no one remembered to mention, except me, now.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

Next Thursday, 6. January 2000, is a not-quite perfectly ordinary Thursday because it six days after New Years Eve - meaning it is the absolute first chance for possible 'virtual,' new, old and tryouter members to come to the Café Metropole Club in the - almost - new millennium.

For the actual new millennium, the club's first meeting will be on Thursday, 4. January 2001.

The café La Corona meeting place will be as open as usual, so the time for your club's meeting is still from 15:00 to 17:00. Be sure to come any time you feel like as long as it is at 15:00 and you are in Paris. If you are not, you should know the ritual by now for becoming a 'virtual' member instead. The place is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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