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Having no idea of how to replace the broken glass, I piled what I could again the gaping hole, until I had the time to fix it. The first place I wentphoto: broken window for glass had glass - success number one - but my measurements were off - failure number one - by three millimetres too long.

The busted window - the same in color as in black and white - cold.

Going back with the glass, the hardware place was open - success number two - and the man there clipped off the offending three extra millimetres - success number three - and didn't charge for it - success number four.

When I looked in my toolbox, the only thing I found as a tool was a second-rate screwdriver - semi-failure number two - but it worked well enough to clear out the old glass remains and the sealant - success number five.

Putting on the new sealant was silly-putty work - semi-success number six - and smoothing it out with the handle of a knife, was semi-success number seven.

What to do with the pail full of broken glass is still a mystery. Where is broken glass supposed to go?

The Winter Sales Are On Now

Paris' traditional winter sales, put back from their normal starting time of the beginning of January, began on Saturday and will continue for six weeks.

Parisians had their favorite shops and department stores besieged early on Saturday morning, and the fleetest of the fleet had their 'sales' shopping wrapped up for the year by noon.

Exceptionally, many shops were open yesterday as well. The same thingphoto: cave le tournelle must be going on in London, because last week 'Eurostar' plastered Paris with posters inviting everybody to go shopping across the channel.

Since the posters were illustrated with photos of wild and frenzied Beatles' fans, I decided against going offshore. The much calmer 'Corsets de Paris' around the corner is also having its sales, and I thought this could sum it up nicely.

Corner grocery stores do not have winter sales at any time of year.

It does, but its 'Soldes' signs do not show well in the photo. Undergarments for ladies are stylish, so they can be put 'on sale' because there is a never-ending train of new models coming along.

This is not the case for men as far as I know. When I used to look closely at the 'soldes,' underwear and socks were never, ever on sale. Not in Paris, and I guess not in London.

Metropole Takes a Break

There will be no new edition of Metropole next Monday. There is no compelling reason not to have one, and I am not going to count the numbers of issues since the last time I had a week off. I don't have enough fingers to do this.

The Café Metropole Club will hold its regular meeting this coming Thursday, and the 'report' about it will be put online as usual. The following meeting, on Thursday, 27. January, will get the same treatment. These will be signalled as 'Updates' on the contents page.

As usual, if any stunning 'news' pops up in Paris, it will be reported as quickly as possible. If this happens, an 'Alert' note will be added to the opening contents page, with details added as 'updates' on the Au Bistro page.

Café Metropole Club's 14th Session Re-Doodle

The 14th weekly meeting of the 'Café Metropole Club' ran off as a sort of impromptu party last Thursday and I managed not to lose my door key after it. Five new members signed in, which is not a record, but was not bad either. Read all about it on last week's 'Club 'Report'' page.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 4.03 - 18. January 1999 - The Café Metropole column was titled by its 'Ed' - 'A Dog's Life for Strollers.' 'Au Bistro' had 'Paris' 'Monster' Blizzard.' This issue had one feature, entitled 'Foujita - Superstar! In Montparnasse.' The issue had 'Paris' Scene' - For a change - 'Now Featuring 1999' - which was a bitphoto: place louis armstrong tardy. There were four 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'L'Apéro Aprés-Ski.' It does not sound like an exciting issue at all.

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago:

Issue 3.03 - 19. January 1998 - The Café Metropole column had 'Lack of Window Gazing Foils Weather Report.' Still sound familiar? The 'Au Bistro' column was headlined 'Papon Says It Was Somebody Else's Fault.' This issue had two features, entitled 'Weddings On the Cheap Unchic in Paris' and 'The Memorial of the Deportation.' Readers stepped in with emails: 'Anti-Semitism and Captain Dreyfus.'There were four'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Jules Verne Wedding Receptions.'

The Metropole Paris Countdown to 31. December 2000:

For unknown reasons, this silly countdown continues with the third issue of 2000, even though readers have not demanded a 'do the right thing' countdown to the real beginning of the next century and even more importantly, to the next millennium. This new countdown will last only 366 days. The reason for doing this is to give the Tour Eiffel a new chance to 'get it right' - because so many count-down fans missed shouting 'Zéro' on Friday, 31. December 1999.

There are 350 days left to go until the 3rd Millennium.
signature, regards, ric

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