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'Notre-Dame de Paris' is currently playing at the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot. Last week, between one performance and the next, the cast of the 'Dix Commandements' - which will begin at the Palais des Sports in October - showed up to perform for a taping of a 'commercial' for the new show.

For some reason, Fiat 500's were absent during the week. This is the only reason this 'Smart' is here.

The new show apparently has a 'hit song' in it and the show's producers want to get this on the air by Monday, 15. May. The show's album will follow in June. Last week's taping will produce a 'clip' that will be run endlessly on TV at the end of this month.

This means we will know the show's closing song, and possibly have purchased the album, long before the show has its first public performance. If the music is a 'hit', maybe the producers will abandon the show to avoid its high overhead.

Okay, if this happens, then we won't see the dancers and we won't see Sonia Rykiel's costumes, but we won't be deprived of Pascal Obispo's lyrics. According to the report, 100,000 tickets have already been sold for the 'live' performance.

After Robert Hossein's big show about De Gaulle - the 'Man Who Said No' - and what I believe is the currently running big show based on the resurrection, I am willing to predict that the musical version of World War One cannot be far off.

This is a natural, because it has an even more extravagant sequel.

Storm Timing Upsets Tree Replanting

Of the 500 trees ripped up in Paris during last December's storm, only 14 have been replanted. None of the 163 knocked downphoto: no name cafe in Paris' cemeteries have been replaced. The clean-ups of the Bois de Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes are not completed either.

This was predicted on Friday, 7. January by Françoise de Panaflieu, who has become one of many RPR candidates for the mayor's seat in the meantime.

Of all the bars and cafés in Paris, some seem to be without names; like this one.

Back in January she predicted that the replanting would take place this coming autumn. At the time of this pronouncement she was responsible for Paris' green spaces, but has since been fired by the mayor - for disloyally becoming a mayoralty candidate.

Paris has 1200 trees on order from tree vendors around Europe. City gardeners say they have 866 street trees to plant and another 1630 are needed for the cemeteries - but the tree planting 'season' ended on 31. March.

According to nature's laws, planting can resume on 1. November. The first priority then will be the street trees and the parks. It may be a couple of years until the cemeteries are restored, and the two big 'Bois' will need three or four years for full restoration.

All of the above sounds as if Paris has been denuded of trees. I assure all readers that this is far from the case, and whole streets of trees everywhere in Paris are coming along quite handily with their change-over from the bareness of winter, to the green fuzz of what passes for spring in this area of the world.

Sports News

The amateur football team of Calais squashed Bordeaux's professional football team by a score of 3-1 on Wednesday night in Lens, giving Calais' part-time players aphoto: bar les 3 tetaros chance to beat the socks off Nante's pro team in the final on Sunday, 7. May, to be played in Paris' Stade de France.

This bar is called something like the 'Bar les 3 Tetaros,' but I'm not absolutely sure.

This is for the French Cup and the Calais team's win is historic. It is the first time a 4th-division team has ever competed in this final. Le Parisien puts up a couple of fake 'ifs' - the 1933 RC Roubaix team and the Nîmes team of 1996 - but they were not so completely amateur as Calais.

According to TV-news, Calais fans are professional winners and the citizens of the channel port provided TV-news with good scenes of how celebrations are done, over long periods of time.

French Web Life

8th Prix Möbius

Each year the International Möbius Festival seeks to award the world's best multimedia productions - based on CD-ROMs, DVDs or Web sites. This year the festival takes place at the Centre Cultural Pompidou and the public is invited on Friday and Saturday, 5. and 6. May.

For a preview, give the Prix Möbius Web site a glance, but be sure to have 'Flash' installed before you decide to take a look at your multimedia future.

Alpine Artisans

During the long winters not everybody is skiing in the Alps. Some people are busy in their workshops and ateliers, making ceramics, glassware, and working with earth, bronze and raku. Eh? What's 'raku?' If you want to find out, take a look at the 'Art-Alps' Web site.

Paris' Peace Wall

The URL for Paris' Peace Wall on the Champ de Mars is: 'Mur Pour la Paix,' which is a Dot-Com and not a Dot-Org. You can also learn how to read the word 'peace' in 32 languages.

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