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I got to the door and turned around. "Today only," I said, "The shortest 'exit of the day' - au'voir!"

Without turning back even once I crossed the street to the café-tabac and put a small wager on the Loto. Only 24 hours to wait before becoming a 32-million franc millionaire. With a goofy haircut!

Metropole's Services

All three of the firms mentioned below have chosen Metropole Paris for affiliate association for much the same reasons as you've chosen to read it. Maybe you only look at the week's new posters, but you get the idea.

By offering their services this way there are no banners, logos, flashy animations or shockwaves to overload the tranquility of this magazine, while you search for its sillier parts.

These firms are not advertisers in the traditional sense. If you patronize the services or purchase the products offered, the resulting benefits from the links will help Metropole to stay online. Being able to get regular haircuts from Claude will also benefit his non-TV talkshow.

Health Care In Paris

After planning your visit to Paris long in advance and then finally getting here, the worst thing to happen is coming down with some kind of 'bug.' HighwayToHealth offers a service that allows you to seek medical aid here almost as easily as if you were at home.

HighwayToHealth has fashioned a 'city health profile' for Paris, which can give you information about local health services, including the ability to make appointments for health care.

Added to this is a full line of travel insurance, not just for Paris and France, but for the whole world. You can take care of this before you leave home, so be sure to check out all of the 'HighwayToHealth' services for travellers.

Don't Carry Your Boules Home

The game of pétanque - or boules - can be played anywhere, almost anytime, by nearly everybody. Any old bit of ground can be used as a playing field - as you might guess if you've seen the game played around Paris.

Regular boules are made out of metal. You can buy these in France, butphoto: le quartier general they are a bit heavy to carry around in your baggage. 'Petanque America' imports France's Obut boules and can ship them to you anywhere in the Americas.

Three for three in doziness - the 'HQ' on Oberkampf.

Petanque America's shop also has boules for children, plus books about the game and its short list of rules, in English. Let Petanque America do the heavy work for you while you shop around for small bottles of perfume and scarves as light as feathers.

Online Paris Hotel Reservations

'Bookings' Paris hotel reservation service permits you to get a preview of hotels in Paris, enabling you to choose your Paris accommodations easily, well in advance of your arrival.

The Café Metropole Club's 48th Meeting

Last Thursday's club meeting was attended by four brand new members; two from California and two from London. From Chico, Professor Greb returns to Metropole's pages, to announce Darlene's all-year 50th wedding anniversary.

If you skipped Thursday's update, you didn't miss all the wonderful 'Quotes of the Week' I neglected to record. The 'report' therefore contains what little I did remember.

New readers can look at the fairly new 'About the Club' page, if they are interested in learning more about this magazine's club for readers in Paris. Actually, anybody is allowed to look at it.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 4.36 - 6. Sept. 1999 - This week's Café Metropole column was headlined, 'The Millennium Horizon.' The 'Au Bistro' column's title was 'Free José Bové!' This issue had two features, titled 'Nearly Naked In Paris' by Kathleen Bouvier and 'Diary of a Fête - The Seine.' There were also two email features, 'More Mouffetard' from Mark Kritz and and roundup called 'Paris, Nevada Revisited.' The 'Scene' column was headlined 'The Beginning of Fall 1999.' There were four new 'Postersphoto: rue charlot; 13c of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Welcome To Paris Surf.' This was not the same as the surfing on the Gironde yesterday.

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago:

Issue 3.36 - 7. September 1998 - The week's Café Metropole column hinted at less doziness with the title, 'Paris Goes Event Crazy.' The 'Au Bistro' column's title was 'Johnny Gets Rained Out On Friday,' which didn't happen this year. This issue had one feature, titled 'The Aéro Club's 100th Birthday Party Idea.' A photo feature was called 'Photos: This Year's Last Tango in Spain.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' again and Ric's Cartoon of the Week had the caption of 'Nice Tan!' This year; not so.

Metropole Paris' Exclusive Solo Countdown to 31. December 2000:

This countdown - which was suspended for the duration of August - remains suspended. If you are reading this, you will cheer this move towards brevity. If you aren't reading this, you should be because it's short.

For those who are skipping the above recommendations, there really are only about 118 days left to go until the 3rd Millennium. For really picky readers, this figure is on target. On account of this section being kind of turned off on account of August, and now September too, you probably won't care that 249 days have gone since New Year's 2000.
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