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I finished my café and went home to start working on the photos you see throughout this week's issue of Metropole.

On Sunday, around noon, in my backup café, the patron of the Vin des Rues restaurant wasphoto: salon foto daguerre recuperating from his restaurant weekend - and a particularly long 'after' at a rock-and-roll club - with a bottle of Chinon, on the bar.

Tiny figures in the far distance are the officials announcing awards for prize photographs at the 1st Salon Daguerre. Foreground figures are waiting for wine and cheese.

This is not the same as the 'ordinary' bar wine, served by the glass from the litre bottles stocked in the bar's 'mitrailleuse.' The patron either forgot the café I had on Friday or overlooked the café I was having - on account of too much 'Deep Purple?' - and ordered another bottle.

When I reminded him I don't drink, not even good wine - for medical reasons - he said it was too bad because all restaurant operators had one kidney medically removed at 20; to make room for their expanding livers.

Metropole's Services

The three firms mentioned below chose Metropole Paris for affiliate association for the same reasons as you've chosen to read it, so you have something in common.

Affiliation is not advertising in the traditional sense. If you sign up for the services or buy the products offered, the modest benefits resulting from your actions will help Metropole to stay online.

Health Care In Paris

It's not going to happen to you, but if you are hit by a 'bug' after planning your visit to Paris long in advance and then finally getting here, HighwayToHealth offers a service that allows you to seek medical aid here almost as easily as if you were at home.

A 'city health profile' has been created by HighwayToHealth for Paris, to give you information about local health services, including the ability to make appointments for medical services.

This is in addition to a full line of travel insurance. You can sign up for all of this before you leave home. Be sure to check out all of the 'HighwayToHealth' services for travellers.

Pétanque In America

The game of pétanque - or boules - can be played anywhere, almost anytime - even in snow - by nearly everybody. Any old bit of ground can be used as a playing field - as you might know if you've seen the game played around Paris.

Regulation boules are made out of metal. You can buy these in France, but they are a bit heavy to haul around in your luggage. They don't look good in carry-on baggage either.

'Petanque America' imports France's quality Obut boules and can ship them to you anywhere in the Americas.

Petanque America's online shop also has books about the game and its short list of rules, plus boules for children. Get Petanque America to do the heavy work for you while you shop around in Paris for the lighter and the supposedly finer things of life.

Paris Hotel Online Reservations

Long in advance is the time to use the 'Bookings' Paris hotel reservation service. Doing this permits you to get a preview look at hotels available in Paris and enables you to choose and reserve your Paris accommodations with a minimum of fuss and bother.

The Café Metropole Club's 51th Meeting

Last week here, I asked, 'Where is everybody?' New club members Shellay and Chuck Bush took my plea seriously, dropped in and signed up. Long-time member Doug Fuss returned from Poland for a look-in too. 'When do we vote?' was the 'Quote of the Week.' Vote for what; I don't know.

You shouldn't have skipped Thursday's update, but if you did now is the chance to catch up, unless you still have something else pressing to do. The club's weekly 'report' also contains an update about its impending birthday.

Fairly new readers can take a look at the fairly new 'About the Club' page. This contains mildly useful and fairly accurate information about this magazine's club for readers in Paris. Everybody else with a lot of spare time on their hands can look at it again too.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 4.39 - 27. Sept. 1999 - This week's Café Metropole column was headlined, 'Ho-Hum 'Car-Free' Day.' The 'Au Bistro' column's title was 'War On the Seine.' This issue had three features, titled 'The 'Bonne Bouffe' To Go,' 'Napoleon's Greek Madeleine' and 'Skimming the Fleas.' The Year 2000 was also announced as less than '100 Days' away. Thephoto: rue campagne premier 'Scene' column was headlined 'The Fun and Games Season.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Left-Handed Screwdriver.'

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago:

Issue 3.39 - 28. September 1998 - The week's Café Metropole column was titled, 'Pink Vote Takes Cake in Germany.' The 'Au Bistro' column was titled, 'Only Elections, Cars and Date Change Stuff.' This issue had three features, titled 'A 'Sort Of' Car-Free Day in Paris,' 'Right Here, Today: 20,000 Jobs' and 'Poster Hunt On the Boul' Mich.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week had the caption of 'What's that Wierd Noise?' What, indeed?

Metropole's Exclusive & Solo Countdown to 31. December 2000:

This countdown - it doesn't matter how it started! There are wiser people - much more so than me - who know that the 21st Century starts on Monday, 1. January 2001. The big celebration we had for '2000' was a try-out; a countdown to the beginning of the last year of the 20th Century. Last year's countdown was in the wrong year, unless you have a fondness for the last years of millenniums. It was not the 'Big One.'

Now that everybody has it straight and we know what we're doing, there really are only about 97 days (less than 100!) left to go until the 3rd Millennium. Even if you remember the last countdown, you probably won't care that now 269 days ('262' was last week) have gone since New Year's 2000. What's gone is gone - even if last week's number was wrong - and this includes the 2nd Millennium, which is nearly gone for good too.
signature, regards, ric

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