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Finally, what some members liked least about Paris, is "Leaving it."

Birthday Messages

Sending a Card

Email from Dana Shaw. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 15. September 2000:-

Hi Ric,

I sent a card for delivery tomorrow, of congratulations on the club's first birthday. I would have sent it later but am fearful my memory would let me down and I'd fail to send it at all. This way I can depend on yours.

All the best, Dana

How Did Members Know?

Email from Paul Babbitt. Sent via the Internet: Tuesday, 19. September 2000:-

Bonjour Ric:

At the unofficial club affiliate located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA, we are eagerly anticipating the first birthday of the club.

In fact, among our celebratory activities, I read the first club meeting report - an auspicious beginning. But I, and I would guess other readers too, was wondering how did those first members know there would be a meeting?


Orangina Ambiance In San Francisco

Email from Susanne Chaney . Sent via the Internet: Thursday, 21. September 2000:-photo: card, Jadine Brown

When the Club turns 50 in two weeks the bi-coastal four-pak will think of you and we will have to hoist some Pelfort or Orangina which I now have daily at lunch in San Francisco - if there isn't a coffee shop - and now there are lots of outdoor cafes on every corner.

On the date of the club party I will have lunch at an outdoor cafe at the local Emporio Armani store where the food and ambiance are actually quite French and they even have Orangina.

So 'Bon Anniversaire' - from PJ, Ken, John and Susanne - the bi-coastal four-pak - and assorted cats. Between the four-pak of us, we have an authentic cat six-pak.

Greatest In Cosmos?

Email from Bill Martin. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 22. September 2000:-

Dear Ric,

Bon Anniversaire!

A votre santé! May the joy you have brought to the lovers of Paris be reflected in your life. The passion for life and adventure that you encourage have made me, and I am sure others, lust even more to live in the greatest city the world has known. (Is there a greater city elsewhere in the cosmos?)

Greetings and encouragement to all residents of other countries, who love the diversity of the world's cultures and the great contributions of French culture. May the beauty, refinement, and excellence ever be an inspiration to the world.

Bill Martin

Are Children Allowed?

Email from Garth I. Moller. Sent via the Internet: Monday, 25. September 2000:-

Dear Ric,

I am not really sure whether I can consider myself a member or not, so I will send greetings to those present at the birthday celebration, and those present can decide whether they are from a non-present member, or a future member.


That was easy.

Let me note that this greeting is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and that my next chance to be present will probably be June or July of 2001.

Are children allowed? My wife and I married late - in life - and thus had our kids even later, andphoto: card, scott mckenzie so at the age when we should be grand-parents, we are parents. That means that the kids can not be left with their grand-parents when we go travelling.

If you ever read "Crime and Punishment," you may remember that it opens with a description of an unbearably hot summer day in St. Petersburg. Dostoyevsky was exaggerating. He did not know that he was, because, living in St. Petersburg, he did not know what a hot summer day was. I expect he had only read about them, and thought that what he was reading applied to St. Petersburg.

Anyway, I hope that those present for the birthday celebration have a good time, even if it means reading short weather notices about St. Petersburg.

Best wishes, Garth I. Moller

Thanks for Your Cards and Letters

Like the rest of the club, the members' emails reflect club membership. Two of the emails above are from signed-up members and two are from yet-to-be signed-up members.

When the club had 'rules' they stipulated that any human being was eligible for membership, so this includes kids of any age, even if the club no longer has 'rules.' I guess if they are really tiny, their parents can sign them in - but this is not a 'rule' either.

All of you, whether you've gone to the trouble of coming all the way to Paris or not, get my thanks for taking the bother of becoming members of Metropole Paris' Café Metropole Club for its readers in Paris - even if you don't know what it is.

Next Thursday's club meeting marks not only the club's first birthday, but it will also be the club's first meeting of its second year in existence. I hope you will be here.
signature, regards, ric

The greeting cards above has been sent by Jan and Dana Shaw, Jadine Brown and Scott McBride - from top to bottom. The 'free' cards are ©

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