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Dan Robertson suggested in his email message that the Café Metropole Club start up branch outlets, with the first one being in San Francisco. Although I don't think I'll have time to go there to witness the meetings so I can write their club 'reports,' I'm all for the idea.

Sigrid says Paris has a smell all of its own, that 'you get as soon as you step off the train at Gare du Nord.' I don't think it smells like it used to in the station since it became a 'no smoking' zone, but outside the station - yes - Paris does smell like itself.

It seems to me that many more smokers are on the streets since it was banned in the métro, along with all of the people rushing out of buildings to get better portable phone reception, or rub their toothaches.

I drop into Adrian 'I love to eat' Leeds saying, "They do a mean leg of lamb with garlic," and when I try to find out what this is about, she turns to me and orders me to start taste-testing Paris' cafés for their café.

But I also hear her say, "When I'm not eating my five restaurant-testing meals a week, I just have an omelette in a brasserie."

I'm not sure I could survive on only five cafés a week. I wonder why she can't road-test all the omelettes she eats 'in brasseries,' because, like café, somebody might actually like them.

But I doubt it, because Adrian 'I love to eat' Leeds says, "I import all my coffee from New Orleans."

Oh, I almost forget. The server-lady Linda Thalman has come to the meeting wearing her brand-new andphoto: fff server lady official 1998 French World Cup team shirt. "Allez Les Bleues!" she says, apparently unaware 'Les Bleues' won and became heros for a night and a day.

As usual, when the club's meeting is heading for 17:25 my notes get kind of sketchy from overtime fever or something. All members and the secretary agree to continue club meetings; with some agreeing that next Thursday would be a good time to start.

Linda's brand-new 1998 official 'F.F.F.' shirt.

With Sigrid, Eva Lee and Marilyn who 'lives right across from 125th Street in Manhattan,' we all cross the Pont des Arts to the Quartier Latin while the Paris sky puts on a fine and mellow show of the sun going down behind the Tour Eiffel.

The 'About the Café Metropole Club' Page

Find out about the club's incredibly long history which is less than two years in length since its historic beginning by consulting the 'All Past Issues' file, which provides links to all past issues with 'Club Reports' plus hundreds of other unrelated 'past issues.'

Actual real historical details about your Café Metropole Paris Club - as opposed to plain bushwah - in Paris, can be found on the 'About the Café Metropole Club page,' which is about your club and is accessible here, and from each issue's 'home' page.

This 'about' page contains precise notions about the free membership, the free members' card and the other free unofficial non-rules concerning the club and other free but needless column-filler - none of which you actually need to know, unless you want to impress your friends and neighbors who only saw the Louvre in Paris.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

The date for the club's next meeting is Thursday, 2. November. If you are in Paris this is the day after Toussaint and is simply called 'Défunts' - which simply means 'dead.' Although simple, I don't know what this means in terms of Saint's days.

All of Thursday 'before the club' meeting remains free for your other vital Paris activities and will be followedphoto: club cafe by 'after the club,' when you can continue these vital activities.

The café La Corona meeting place will again be open like it is every Thursday - and the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm if your clock has only about 12 numbers, Roman or Arabic, showing on it.

Come to the next meeting during its official hours. If you come at some other time the club's café will still be in operation, but will not have any members uttering unforgettable 'Quotes of the Week' and 'New Words of the Week' that are unique features of some club meetings like today's 'Plop.'

The café's location is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny - or - 30. Quai du Louvre, Paris 1.
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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