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Sports Headline of the Week

On Wednesday, in Le Parisien - Zidane 1 - Allemagne 0 - was the result of a match played Tuesday night in Saint-Denis' Stade de France.

If the score had been 1-1, it would have been a 'match nul,' which sometimes is considered the same as a win in France.

Instead, Bleus' star Zinedine Zidane booted one in - 'against a weak German team' - giving the French national team an outright win. Why this isn't quite good enough for Le Parisien I don't know - but I only live one score at a time, while ignoring 'les nuls.'.

Web Life - Modest 'ThankYous'

Pure 'Folie'

I don't know if Ronald Kenyon is a regular Metropole reader, but he sent in an interesting URL - where you can find out all about the Desert de Retz, an 18thphoto: alpiniste, viaduct daumesnil century 'folie' located on the edge of the Forêt de Marly. This was created by François Racine de Monville, who was a friend of Madame du Barry, who had many, and Thomas Jefferson, who had few.

From bus 29, view of alpinist hanging off the Daumesnil viaduct.

But none of these are good reasons for including the URL. I lived in the 'folie's' neighborhood for 12 years and I couldn't find it. Obviously the Desert de Retz is not your garden-variety type of 'folie,' but an extra-oddball one. Not because I couldn't find it, but because I gave up looking for it.

Anyhow, now that I live in Paris, the chance of finding it has become hopelessly remote. All the same, a medium-sized 'thankyou' to Ronald Kenyon who lives in Al-Khobar.

'e' for Wheelchair-Friendly

Another 'thankyou' goes to Magali, for sending in the URL of her personal Web site. Here is Magali's secret - she has signalled all sites in Paris with an 'e' that are assessable with a wheelchair. In addition, if you know of one she hasn't listed, she wants you to let her know about it so she can test-drive it herself and add it.

A Big Page

Philip Greenspun, who apparently does something for PhotoNet, also has a personal page of Paris photos. PhotoNet will give you a lot of information about photography and digital cameras, and Philip's page will give your browser a real workout because it is a somewhat large download. His tips for taking photos in Paris are worthwhile. Comme même, a 'thankyou.'

Paris Web Sites Site

The folks at RendezVousParis have alerted me to their Web site, which is supposed to provide links of all Paris-based Web sites. Since one of them is Metropole, I can't avoid a 'thankyou' for this, even though Metropole officially has no readers in Paris.

Your Paris Web URLs

If you have any favorite Paris Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankyou' here.

The Big Catalogue - Repeat

This is not La Redoute's or Trois-Suisses' combined mailorder catalogues, but the catalogue of catalogues for books in French. Called the 'Catalogue Collectif de France,' it unites the catalogues of the Bibliothèque Nationale, the university libraries, and 55 specialized libraries around France. This site is relatively new. Its ambition is also to provide documents on demand, but this is still in the works.

Winter Sports News

As of today, 'winter' is 74 days old. Snow, if there is any, may be a bit less fluffy, with warmer air moving in - increasing avalanche dangersphoto: entry, musee montmartre to high levels. Still, if you are interested in the state of snow at French winter sports stations, try hitting the Hiver, SkiFrance and Net4Ski Web sites.

Entry to the Musée de Montmartre, which is not a polling station.

The ex-ski champion Edgar Grospiron has a site, called Ridearth. Especially conceived for actual fans or practitioners of speedy downhills, it features all sorts of current white snow activities, including morsels of techno-ski music.

The 'Official' Weather - 105% 'Winter'

Last week saw Paris getting a taste of real winter and who knew how long it would last? Answer - not long. Some highs of 15 predicted for this coming week. Yes, in Paris. For real forecasts, give the Météo France site a hit. Predictions are usually fairly shortrange because Météo France doesn't have any crystal balls to compare with the TV-weather news.

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