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If you have nothing better to do, read the 'report' about the club's most recent meeting. It's details are actually less boggled than usual, partly due to the modest numbers of members present.

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 17. May 2001. This particularphoto: bistro vin des rues meeting will be amazingly unique because it will only happen once. If you skip it, it means you can come again any other Thursday, for years to come at least.

Oddly, this restaurant's terrace is usually occupied even in winter.

All readers and prospective club members are urged take a look at the current version of 'About the Club,' which is handy for finding out about the club's reason-for-being, its meeting time and location and so on, and other lesser facts such as its' being free.

This page also contains other vital 'wild and crazy ideas' about this club in Paris, which is the only one this magazine will ever have - for you, who are either 'Metropole Paris' readers or Café Metropole Club members, or are in Paris for any reason or no reason in particular at all. If you do not fall into any these categories, you should consider asking yourself if you know which planet you are on.

Metropole's Affiliates

The following product or service providers have chosen Metropole because their offers may be of value to you and I agree with them.

'Bookings' has a reservation service for a wide selection of Paris hotels. Check out their offers and make your choice long before your arrival in France.

'HighwayToHealth' provides a 'city health profile' as well as travel insurance for potential Paris visitors. If you've signed up for these services before you need them suddenly you will benefit from them. I hope won't be the case but you can never tell.

'Petanque America' imports quality Obut boules from France and will ship them to you anywhere in the Americas - which will save you the effort of carrying them all the way from Paris. Be the first on your block to introduce the game of pétanque - or boules. Nearly everybody can play this game, nearly anywhere.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 5.20 - 15. May 2000 - This week's Café Metropole column was titled, 'Lost Siestas.' The 'Au Bistro' column's title was 'Cash Panic.' This issue had one service feature, titled 'The Busy 'Mai des Montparnos' - Extra Events.' The Café Metropole Club began its downhill run to 'no rules' with 'Vital Membership Issue Raised.' The club's weekly update on 19. May featured the burning question, 'Is the Club's Café Haunted?' Thephoto: sign, rue de la tombe issoire 'Scene' column's title was 'Full-House Time.' There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Cash Panic!' Too.

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago:

Issue 4.20 - 17. May 1999 - The week's Café Metropole column was titled, 'Doing the 'Scene' in Paris.' The 'Au Bistro' column was titled, 'The 'Ponts' of May.' This issue' had one feature, 'Boullay - London - Boullay' by Linda Thalman. To the floated-balloon idea called Café Metropole Club, there were email 'echos.' Two other sets of emails were 'eMails from Janet Norton and Sedona - Is Paris Safe?' and 'eMails from Jim Auman and China: The Brooms May Change.' The 'Scene' column was titled, 'No 'Prolongation' In Sight for Pont des Arts.' There were also the usual four 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week had the caption of 'Herb Meets Dali By Chance.' What is a Dali?

The 'Count-Up/Down' - Part 20

Metropole's new count-up person is still Charles A. Lindbergh, who arrived in Paris at Le Bourget airport on a one-way ticket at 22:22 on Saturday, 21. May 1927.

Bill Hilton is responsible for putting this 'count-up' person up for nomination. He also calculated that the true count-up total will be 27,021 days and some 12 hours or so- since Mr. Lindbergh first became a Paris visitor.

Meanwhile, a new 'count-down' movement is afoot in Paris - and actually gaining momentum - to get us ready for the 'euro's' introduction day, which will be Tuesday, 1. January 2002.

To keep you up-to-date with this - until it is decided to put this silly thing into the same closet as the Café Metropole Club's 'rules' - the number of days remaining this year is 231. This means you still have about 260 days left to tradephoto: ultime annee du franc, senat in your hoard of old FF's for a lesser bunch of brand-new 'euros.'

One face of the 'euro' notes will be common to all countries, and there will be national designs on the reverse side. After a short time, a confetti of colored money will be strewn around Europe, with the exceptions of the UK and Switzerland. A 'euro' will be worth about the same as a boringly grey-green US dollar.

For those of us more comfortable with francs, we are being told to divide 'euro' amounts by 6.55957 exactly, and in our heads, to find out the - to become - 'old' franc equivalent. Nobody has explained exactly why we will want to waste our time doing this.
signature, regards, ric

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