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Corsica is so complicated that I seldom mention it here on the grounds that if Paris can't figure it out, then neither can I.

Besides having the nickname 'The Island of Beauty' Corsica also has bandits. Three of these had been sitting in the Borgo prison 20 kilometres from Bastia since a prosecutor sent them there on 7. July of last year.

They were reputed to be big heads of the 'Brise de Mer' gang, awaiting the outcome of charges of attempted extortion, belonging to a criminal conspiracy and breaking some laws about weapons.

Actually, they had been arrested on suspicion of trying to shake-down a restaurant called the Palace in Sartène, located in Corse-du-Sud.

But the word was that the restaurant wasn't their principal target. In any case the restaurant's owner hadphoto: repas quartier, place marche denied in print that he had accused them of anything. Then he left the island.

About ten days ago the court's clerk at the Borgo prison received a fax from the superior court in Ajaccio containing an order to liberate the three inmates.

One of the 14th arrondissement's other Friday night 'street eat' spots.

Without much ceremony the three were escorted to the prison's big main door and invited to be on their way.

Law enforcement officials in Corsica are now trying to figure out how somebody obtained the letterhead of the superior court in Ajaccio, added the release order to it and sent it to the prison - because the superior court in Ajaccio didn't do it. Paris is more than a little annoyed.

The Brise de Mer gang was very active in Corsica and on the mainland in Provence in the 1980's, but is believed to be 'coasting' on the invested income from its loot. This latest action indicates that it hasn't fallen in a total doze though.

Internet Life

This type of 'life' was dormant during the week. The few URLs I did have to check, I checked, and they were found to be less than spellbinding. With more or less 50 trillion people online this is a bit curious, but it is spring turning into summer, the Mets are not doing well, and - well, I dunno.

Archeology goes on forever in a manner of speaking, so I will let last week's plug for the Ministry of Culture's new 'old bones and older rocks' sites run again.

Patrimonie Archéologique

Archeology is the subject of new Web sites being set up by France's Ministry of Culture, with a generic name of Patrimonie Archéologique as a starting place. Hit the link and then look for 'Expositions Virtuelles' and then 'Grands Sites Archéologiques.'

One already has its own domain name. This is the Abbaye Saint-Germain d'Auxerre. Another is the Grotte Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc, which is still marking time in a sub-domain - which is not a pun, exactly.

Your Paris Web URLs

If you have any favorite Paris Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankYou' here.

The 'Official' Weather - 51.1% Unknown?

Sunday night's TV-weather news was short and snappy. After saying what the weather had been expected to be like on Sunday, the TV-weather lady said, "That's it! No more weather because Météo-France is on strike." Then she showed the dog-and-cat 'video-clip-of-the-week.'

For most of today the sky over my street has had slightly more blue spots than fluffy white clouds. According to radio-FIP it is not warm - only about 19 degrees. There is a slight breeze from the south-southwest.

Today's Le Parisien has its weather forecast page in black and white instead of color. It is claiming a high of 16 for today, but the highs are expected to rise to an almost comfortable 22 C in the coming days.

Tuesday's new TV-weather forecast shows a cloud front coming in from the west and this will worsen by Wednesday, but may leave northern France with sunballs behind the clouds for the rest of the week.

Météo-France's Forecasts

Several issues ago I reported that Météo-France intended to begin giving out local short-term forecasts. You should be able to get a forecast in the morning, so you could reliably plan to have a picnic - for example -at lunchtime, which is from 13:00 to 16:30 in Paris.

Right now - if Météo-France is not on strike - you can tune them in on your favorite Web browser, and get what is actuallyphoto: autobianchi of the week happening with the weather right now at Météo-France's Paris weather station located nearly next door to me on top of the modest heights of Montsouris.

Here it is at last - this week's 'Autobianchi of the Week.

Starting later this year, Météo-France will also institute its 'Vigilance-Météo' service, which will show at a glance whether you can expect high winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, blizzards and/or avalanches within the next few hours in Paris.

In general, seven-day forecasts will be available for Paris and the Ile-de-France, with special attention being given to weekends.

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